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Bosch eyes in the ‘Cloud’ space to compete American Service Providers

Bosch eyes

Robert Bosch has made minds to go into the ‘cloud’ space as the company has announced its own “cloud” computing network to connect up anything from cars to dishwashers via the Internet

The company states that its latest announcements will vie the services from U.S. technology giants Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM and

Bosch envisages that its engineering expertise will give them the early advantage for establishing “Internet of Things” (IoT) systems and leverage its customers with a ‘smart’ life.

Bosch’s cloud will operate from a computing center based in Germany, which it hopes will attract customers who may have doubts about data security of U.S-owned servers.

Bosch Chief Executive Volkmar Denner told a conference in Berlin that the company was building its own IoT and would combine this with its experience in making everyday objects.

“There are product companies like Bosch trying to add software and services and there are IT companies trying to get into the physical space. The race is completely open,” he said.

Leveraged as pay-per-use services, the company aims to migrate from a manufacture based company to a service based. Stuttgart-based Bosch plans to run around 50 of its own in-house applications on the cloud this year, before opening up to other companies from 2017. It plans to roll out other data centers across the globe but declined to give a timeline.

More than five million devices are currently connected via Bosch’s IoT software suite. Applications include a system that enables users to remotely control the temperature of their home as well sensors that help drivers find parking spaces or firms track the quality of a product once it leaves a factory.

Bosch spurned on the questions of early cloud investments but said it was investing around 500 million euros ($548 million) annually in new technologies.


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