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Bosch Introduces Its New Subsidiary, Ceres iAM

Bosch has recently introduced a new subsidiary, Ceres iAM – a startup specialized in providing additively manufactured plastic parts in injection molding quality, specifically for small batch production.


With the launch of its new subsidiary, the company combines the benefits of both 3D printing and injection molding in its patented Ceres iAM technology, in order to produce plastic parts more efficiently compared to conventional manufacturing processes. By doing so, Ceres iAM aims to “extend the additive manufacturing abilities” to match the increasing requirement for industrial plastic parts.

The company will begin production of its parts in 2020, where it expects the successful implementation of its additive manufacturing technology.

Although additive manufacturing is an already time and cost-efficient method for specialized production, the company states that current technologies cannot keep up with the “constantly increasing requirements” for production parts. Using its Digital AM cluster, Ceres iAM plans to additively manufacture industrial plastic parts with mechanical properties resembling injection molded parts, while remaining short-term and cost-effective.

Ceres iAM is based in the Bosch main plant for plastic parts near Stuttgart, where the company builds and develops its own additive manufacturing systems and technology. This includes its ‘Digital AM cluster’, a network of 3D printers based on Ceres iAM’s patented technology.

According to Ceres iAM, the benefits to the client include a reduced development time, with improved sampling lead time, for production parts. Costs are saved for the manufacturing of industrial plastic parts in small batches as the company’s technology negates the need for expensive tools required in traditional manufacturing methods. Parts can be produced with complex geometries, and soon the company will provide components made from reinforced PA6, and there are plans for the integration of electronics within parts from 2021.

Another subsidiary of the company, Bosch Rexroth, has made previous inroads in additive manufacturing. It established a development partnership with German FDM/FFF 3D printer manufacturer BigRep in 2018, which lead to the production of BigRep’s new 3D printer, the 5G and IoT equipped BigRep PRO.

Most recently, in July 2019, Robert Bosch Venture Capital invested in on-demand manufacturing marketplace Xometry.

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