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Is Elon Musk Neuralink Chip Painting a New Reality?

Brain Implant Technology under Neuralink is going to start testing its brain chip technology on humans now as they seized the permissions needed for this test.

Neuralink Brain ImplantClassified as the most mysterious and a powerhouse of the human body, the workings of the human brain have ransacked the minds of numerous scientists all across history.

Being the main focus of several ongoing types of research going around the world, the human brain has fascinated not only researchers but also every common man as technology is getting upgraded day by day.

Speaking of Upgrade, if you are a sci-fi movie fan, you must have come across the concept of brain implants or chips embedded in the brain to enhance human possibilities.

Ushering in the new world of 2022, the reel world is slowly merging itself to the reality as the Brain Implant Technology is soaring high in the market with Elon Musk’s latest announcement of Neuralink technology to see its first human implant this year.

You heard it right!

Brain Implant Technology under Neuralink is going to start testing its brain chip technology on humans now as they are striving to reach the last mile for seizing the permissions needed for this test.

Nevertheless, like always before digging deeper about the possible consequences of how Neuralink’s Brain Implant Technology will impact this modern world, let’s get ourselves acquainted with what Brain Implant Technology is all about and what’s the backstory of Neuralink is?

Exploring Brain Implant Technology

NeuralinkTalking about standard Brain Implant Technology, the main point that stands out the most is that brain implants like its name, are any electronics chips or devices that can be implanted or embedded inside a brain possibly, connected directly to a biological subject’s brain either on the surface of the brain or is attached to the brain’s cortex.

Brain implants are also often called neural implants and have become the focus of many current types of research that work on establishing a biomedical prosthesis circumventing areas in the brain that have become dysfunctional after a stroke or other head injuries.

Apart from this, some brain implants are also getting researched for creating interfaces between neural systems and computer chips. And this work goes out to be a part of a wider research study named brain-computer interfaces.

Now going back to the current discussion of Neuralink Brain Implant Technology that is stirring the chains of reality, let’s take a rewind to 2016 when the company first got established.

Rewinding Neuralink Beginnings 

Brain ImplantGoing back to the year, 2016, Tesla Inc and SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk established a new company under the banner of Neuralink in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aimed to develop and implant wireless brain-computer interfaces to include thousands of electrodes in the human brain, this Brain Implant Technology was developed to cure neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and spinal cord injuries

With the purpose to fuse humankind with Artificial Intelligence (AI) using an electronic chip, Brain Implant Technology got its first breakthrough in 2019 when Musk showed a demo and urged people to join the team.

In 2020, Elon Musk showcased its demonstration with its first implant success in a pig fitted with the company’s device at live event streaming on YouTube.

The star of the show, Gertrude had the Neuralink Brain Implant device recording signals from an area of the brain linked to her snout as she had the implant for two months at the time of the demo.

Later, in 2021, Brain Implant Technology again reared its head in a monkey who played MindPong.

The monkey equipped with Neuralink Brain Implant was able to play the game by just thinking about it.

In his own words, Musk explained that its first Neuralink product aims to allow someone with paralysis to use a smartphone with just their mind that will be faster than someone using thumbs.

With successful fundraising of $205 million in July 2021, Neuralink declared its intention to channel these funds towards developing its chip to allow quadriplegics to control digital devices using their minds.

In medical terms, Quadriplegia is defined as the full or partial paralysis of legs and arms.

He described the Brain Implant Technology as a “Fitbit inside your skull”.

Future Possibilities

Considering the possible applications that could be achieved if the human brain tests by Neuralink chip are successful as predicted to happen this year, are as follows,

  • Visual Prosthesis
  • Oscilloscope For Brain
  • Eliminate Pain
  • AI Symbiosis
  • Disease Prediction
  • Mental Issues and many more


Reiterating its promise of launching Brain Implant Technology Chip in 2022, Musk is waiting for the human trials to start as soon as the company gets FDA approval.

Beginning the year with a new start, everyone is awaiting the endless opportunities this chip will unlock in the AI world.


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