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Bridging the Digital Divide in Asia

Digital Divide definition from Cambridge Dictionary

“The problem of some members of society not having the opportunity or knowledge to use computers and the internet that others have.”

Digital Divide in Asia

Digital divide is a social problem that speaks to the gap between those who have access to information via the Internet and those who, for various reasons, remain unable to get ICTs (Information and Communications Technologies). When it comes to Asia, the digital divide is no longer about the lack of terminals because smartphones are cheap and Internet connections are ubiquitous. In most developed countries, the digital divide separates those who have access to digital education and those who don’t.

Bridging the Digital Divide as Part of STMicroelectronics’ DNA

The strategy of expansion and growth that ST has implemented over the years has led it to operate in areas far from Europe, where economic and social difficulties often have repercussions on the way of life. ST’s proximity to the most difficult areas has led the company to a new awareness: its duty to use our resources and employees to help populations in difficulty.

The ST Foundation’s mission is primarily to develop, coordinate and sponsor projects that employ the use of modern sciences and high technologies to promote the fight against the Digital Divide, identifying informatics illiteracy around the world, notably in less fortunate communities

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