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Brill Power Introduces Intelligent BMS Technology

Brill Power has released the first in a new class of intelligent battery management systems (BMS) that are set to revolutionize the performance of stationary energy storage systems to power the future of homes and businesses globally.

Brill PowerBrill Power’s breakthrough technology will transform the cost and performance of energy storage systems by increasing battery life by up to 60%, enhancing storage capacity by up to 129%, increasing systems uptime and drive down the lifetime operating costs for energy storage systems.

Brill Power’s Chief Technology Officer, Damien Frost said, “Our patented control concept ensures that every single Joule of energy is used during every single discharge cycle. This means maximal performance, lifetime and reliability.”

Christoph Birkl, Brill’s Chief Executive added, “Brill Power’s novel BMS technology brings step-change improvements to batteries, previously only thought to be achievable with innovations in materials or chemistry. The BrillMS enables battery system developers to create the safest, most reliable battery systems while ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership for their customers. “

The BrillMS B62 Premium battery management system eschews the compromises inherent in the two existing categories of BMS.

Brill Power’s intelligent battery management system represents a paradigm shift forward for battery performance without reliance on advances in materials or cell chemistry.

The BrillMS B62 Premium is the first in a series of novel BMS product launches from Brill Power intended to transform both the stationary energy storage market as well as the motive application of battery cells in electric vehicles.

The BrillMS B62 Premium is particularly valuable for applications where the battery is a mission-critical component, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), telecoms, medical and defense. The technology has been extensively tested and validated by independent assessment and validation authorities, including DNV, a globally-renown international accredited registrar and classification society:

DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, has acted as a technical consultant through the testing and verification of Brill Power’s new battery management system (BMS) technology.

This testing confirms that Brill Power’s novel BMS concept brings advantages for many key battery characteristics like higher utilized pack capacity, which potentially result in lower lifetime cost. DNV also concluded that the Brill Power BMS complies with the functional safety requirements of standards IEC62619, UL1973, UL9540 and VDE-AR-E 2510-50.


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