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Bussr Joins Sustainability Initiatives of BMW and MIT

Bussr, a Singapore-based transport disruptor, has decided to join the BMW Foundation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to participate in their global mobility and sustainability initiatives.

BMW foundationWith the confident aim of changing the way the world moves from A to B, Bussr is the bold vision of former Microsoft Chief Architect, Co-founder and CTO Ajay Bhandari, former Rocket Internet founder and CEO Hussein Abdelkarim, and veteran technology consultant and co-founder I.M. Shousha.

Ajay, who will speak at the prestigious event, said, “We are seeing undeniable and massive population shifts towards urban centers, and now is the time to have an honest but optimistic discussion about how we can leverage technology to give equitable access to mobility services. It’s also important that we make transport services and infrastructure sustainable and viable for operators and society overall. We are thrilled to talk at this important event, and we look forward to providing insight wherever we can.”

The global workshop will “Explore how digital and socio-ecological transformations will change how humans interact with civic and social mobility, within the existing infrastructure as well as within entirely new infrastructure systems.”

Uniquely qualified to present new ideas and perspectives on the topic of mobility, Bussr is one of the world’s leading innovators in the global transit and ground passenger transportation market, which will reach US$908.8 billion by 2027.

Ajay, Abdelkarim, and Shousha view today’s transportation industry as a busy, but chaotic dance. Currently, private passengers must arrange their travel manually, connecting multiple modes of transportation at different times that may or may not be convenient. On the other hand, transport providers still use manual scheduling techniques based on outmoded tradition rather than real-time data, which results in massive inefficiencies across the board.

The trio believes that their digitization of mobility networks will add a coordinated elegance to the way people travel. With its AI-powered technology, each Bussr journey is a synchronized, smooth jump from point A to point B, leaving cities less polluted and filled with people rather than vehicles. All of this contributes to Bussr’s overall objective of “Digitizing mobility. Connecting the world.”

The global workshop will be hosted by RESPOND, an initiative of the BMW Foundation. RESPOND works with entrepreneurs across the globe to drive innovation, accelerate sustainable business models, and empower responsible leadership to solve the world’s social, environmental, and economic challenges.


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