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CargoAi Presents New CO2 Emission Calculation Tools

CargoAi has introduced new features to allow freight forwarders to assess and reduce the CO2 emissions generated by their business activities.

CargoAiThey can now choose routes and airlines based on their carbon impact and calculate the CO2 emitted from each shipment.

“Cargo stakeholders have become aware of sustainability, and carbon impact is a recurring topic in discussions with our clients. Through these new features, we wanted to highlight the efforts that airlines are making to reduce their emissions by allowing forwarders to choose their carriers on that basis. It was essential for us to take a position on this issue and to innovate because it’s also another way of thinking about air cargo differently,” said Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi.

Monthly CO2 emissions reports are also available to allow clients to analyze their impact and monitor improvements.

Freight forwarders who want to take a sustainable approach can now do so thanks to new features from CargoAi.

As powerful decision-making and CO2 emission calculation tools, these features are highly sought after by clients at a time when sustainability is playing an increasingly significant role in air cargo.

CargoAi’s unique Flight Search module now gives forwarders access to the CO2 emissions for each airline and route, allowing them to choose their transport solutions accordingly.

Also, the free universal Track and Trace system enables any freight forwarder to track their shipment instead of checking with each airline and calculate at the same time the CO2 emission of the shipment.

Finally, the monthly emissions report means forwarders can analyze their carbon impact and monitor improvements.

Several months of development work went into building this complex calculation system, with impartiality the primary goal.

As a result, CO2 emissions calculations for all airlines are based on the IATA RP1678 methodology, which is approved by the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC).


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