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CEA-Leti Declares EU Project for Next-Gen Wireless 6G Environments

CEA-Leti has reported about their visionary EU 6G research project for next-generation wireless connectivity.

CEA Leti Called RISE-6G, it will design, prototype and test smart and energy-sustainable technological advances based on reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) that will enable programmable control and shaping of the wireless propagation environment.

“Our mission is to enable this disruptive new concept as a service for the wireless environment by dynamically controlling wireless communication for local, brief and energy-efficient, high-capacity communications,” said Emilio Calvanese Strinati, RISE-6G Project Coordinator and 6G future wireless research Director at CEA-Leti. “The system also will ensure energy efficiency, localization accuracy and privacy guarantees against eavesdroppers, while accommodating specific regulations on spectrum use and restrained electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions.”

“RISE-6G will lend itself to a revolutionary flow of the current network paradigm by contributing with novel technologies and strategic business plans that will have a remarkable societal impact soon,” Calvanese Strinati said.

These surfaces may be diode-based antennas or metamaterials for coating objects in the environment, such as walls, ceilings, mirrors and appliances, and they will operate as reconfigurable reflectors or transceivers for massive access when equipped with active radio-frequency (RF) elements.

Expected to be deployed by the end of this decade, B5G/6G networks will create the basis for human-centered smart societies and vertical industries.

To accomplish this, advances will be expected to support the long-term, sustainable transformation of networks into a distributed smart-connectivity infrastructure, where new terminal types, e.g. mirrors, signs and walls, are embedded in the environment.

The project is poised to actively participate in standardization bodies and bring its technically advanced vision into the planned industrial implementation.

This will secure European technology leadership, supporting the creation of new European-conceived service and business opportunities in the B5G/6G global race.


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