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Cert-In warns Indian Internet users of new virus

Cert-In warns Indian Internet users of new virus

Cert-In the cyber security agency has warned the Indian Internet users against the hacking attempts made by the cyber criminals. As per the agency these hacking attacks happen through a multi-identity virus Bladabindi, which steals the confidential information of the user and later on uses it for wrong purposes. This new malware has the capacity of infecting the Microsoft Windows operating system.

It has also been found the virus spreads with the help of pen drives in India. Apart from getting hold of the personal information of the user it further propagates malware downloads to provide remote attackers with backdoor access.

As reported by PTI, CERT-In has commented that the virus can use up to 12 aliases so as to conceal its real identity, and moreover, it can be created easily through a publicly available malicious hacker tool. It easily passes through the firewalls and also imitates your name, country, Windows username, OS version and more importantly, saved passwords on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The security agency CERT-In has also recommended some preventive measures to stay safe from Bladabindi. The user should update its anti-virus and also run a complete system scan. Along with this the user must disable the auto run functionality in windows and must scan every pen drive before use. These simple precautionary measures can keep you and you system safe from any type of cyber-attacks of this new found virus.


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