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Challenges in Implementing CAMS Solutions

Whether you choose to refer to the acronym CAMS or SMAC, the underlying reasons for grouping  cloud, analytics, mobile and social remain the same. The fact of the matter is that each technology becomes infinitely more powerful when amalgamated with the next. Together they create an unusual four-way marriage, singlehandedly driving business innovation.

CAMS or SMACBig data was not an unknown concept before the advent of social media. However, it is undeniable that social has altered our very perspective of the term. But from where is this data being captured, propagated and accessed? The answer, in all likelihood, is the same category of device you are using to browse this very article – mobile. The problem of course with mobile and social is that they mean very little without a cipher to mine their secrets for hidden meaning. Analytics might well be this cipher. Furthermore, analytics stands poised to be the Holy Grail, capable of transforming every sector underneath the sun. However, the churning and mashing up of mobile and social data through analytics needs an appropriate venue to be delivered as a service – enter cloud. As promising as all of this may seem, it is not without obstruction – both from a technical and a business perspective.

The big ‘D’ word can only get bigger moving forwards. It is impossible to have a conversation on big data without throwing out at least one mind-boggling statistic. Analysts predict that by 2020, the total pool of information floating in our digital universe will amount to approximately 35 zettabytes(1021 bytes, or a billion terabytes)! Parallel to this explosion, studies also show that the number of cell phones with cameras will soon exceed the total human population on the planet. Put two and two together, and you have the inevitable inference that most of the information being exchanged is unstructured. As high as 80%, according to certain extrapolations.

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