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Chinese Tech Ban Gets Stiff in US, Plans Drawn to Evict Huawei

The Trump-led US Government has reiterated its firm eye towards Chinese tech companies, bringing in the loop has been the Chinese Telecom and 5G giant, Huawei. Lately, the Trump administration has plans to stiff the collar against Huawei.

HuaweiThe US government has chucked eminent component sales of the Chinese major and further mulling to cut down all business of Huawei in the state.

Earlier this year, the US Department of Commerce added many Huawei-affiliated products to its entity list to bar further business of Huawei in the US. The department also issued new rules subjecting companies to enhanced licensing requirements if they sold third-party computer chips or chip designs to Huawei that rely on U.S. software or manufacturing equipment.

The regulations are said to have been released in the Federal Register on Aug. 17.

As reported by Financial Express, a Huawei executive commented on these developments that the company is now lacking processor chips to make smartphones because of these new sanction. On the other hand, US Commerce Department noted that more restrictions were needed because Huawei has “continuously tried to evade” the earlier sanctions by using technology supplied by third parties.

Huawei is certainly facing the heat amidst the growing USA-China feud. The tensions are specifically growing on the technology and security front.

Chinese officials have accused Washington of using national security as an excuse to stop a competitor to U.S. tech industries.

A number of U.S. lawmakers is known to have praised the moves, saying the company is a U.S. national security threat.


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