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Global Chip Shortage Reality and is India About to Face a New Pandemic?

With the growing digitalization drive, Chip or Semiconductors are becoming more pivotal nurturing the complete technology sector. From electronic devices to automotive industry or IT hardware to defence technology each industry has its dependency on chips. Not only electronics or hardware, but also automation and the internet of things also can’t work without the availability of chips. Before, India was already facing challenges in manufacturing chips and then the COVID-19 situation made the edges more bristly. Chip shortage in India is also been enounced given when the world is turning heads towards the scarcity.  Hence, an immediate inquisition by industry leaders and government authorities is the need of the hour to stop the worst expected scenario of chip shortage in India to become ubiquitous.

MicrochipThe global chip shortage has attracted lots of attention and it is a scenario where we are somehow facing a tussle in the on-going industrial developments, the worst hit sector is the automobile corridors.

If we see a latest report by India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), semiconductor consumption in India was worth US$21 billion in 2019, growing at the rate of 15.1 percent. Research and development in this industry, includes electronic products and embedded systems, generated about US$2.5 billion in revenue.

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