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Choose Your Open Source ERP Solution like a CIO

ERP Solution

With billions of software being developed in the world, choosing the right solution addressing today’s demands can be grasping at straws.

Especially, enterprises and small and medium sized businesses are vigorously opting for a rigorous budget critical agile solutions to match their diverse requirement and also meet end-to-end demand of the customers.

To land with the solution of your need and streamline individual business processes, there are hefty of excellent ERP Open Source for everything from simple basic ledger bookkeeping to invoicing, inventory tracking, point of sale, payroll, taxes, and reporting and forecasting, and today its potential applications are far to be read.

A company like Openbravo brought this solution to the market precisely addressing the need of the customers, although it is no longer engaged in this type of system.

Today, ERP solutions don’t only makeup the expectations of traditional forms of businesses as it keeps the constant resilience to shape the changing business dynamics i.e. Ecommerce and add value to customer expectations.

The bold entrant of Ecommerce into the market is dynamically reshaping the retailing across the globe and growing economies like India are becoming evident to determine the transformation and simplify the growing economics of businesses. To add more to it, India is 2nd largest Internet user base around the globe, thus adding another reason to switch to E-tailing, to boost up your sales performance.

The gospel truth is that the investments across Ecommerce and its powering IT infrastructures  is now cheaper than ever to give it a jump start. This means that you will see increased returns with decreasing costs which leads to exceptional ROI. There are now a number of mature product options in the market that allow for sound business investments in this space.

For any forms of businesses one like Ecommerce keeps their major value proposition on increasing customer satisfaction. Ease of getting most up to date product information, inventory availability detail, order tracking detail, etc. in the web from ERP system, customer satisfaction level raises a lot and it reduces operational hassle for the business.

Therefore businesses with a retail component, the choice of point of sale (POS) system may be the most important technical decision to make, and yet, an often a confusing one too. So what are the open source options available for retailers looking for a new web pos system? There are a quite a few, and they vary widely in their features, maturity, and size of community.

digital transformations

Liberating resources –people, money and time to meet the needs of business and invest in innovations is the need of the hour. Open source ERP systems are easier to upgrade when customizations are properly implemented (outside the base system) than with commercial systems and upgrades can therefore be done much more often (every three months to monthly) without disruption of the production system.

Free to Own, Customizable, Future Ready, Upgradable, Testing are the features that today’s entrepreneur ecosystem is bidding on, proprietary or commercial solutions won’t make up to the mark as cost and coping up to the need will be a challenge.


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