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Climaveneta Cooling Solutions to Enrich Data Centers Working Capacity

Climaveneta Cooling Solutions

With the need of prolong work nature of data centers and escalation of IP connections, Wuxi and CCB data centers opts Climaveneta coolant for efficient and reliable cooling.

A newly published market study from BSRIA shows that this kind of hyper data centre is very open to deploying “new” technologies opting for a combination of free cooling, liquid cooling and chilled-water cooling, thus changing the market for precision air conditioning.

The largest market is North America, accounting for around 40 per cent of the global data centre cooling market, followed by China which accounts for just under a third.

Furthermore, in China a massive cloud computing development program planned by the Government is expected to more than double China’s datacenter capacity by 2016, compared to 2013 (source Broad Group).

Climaveneta has been designated to supply the 28MW capacity cooling system for the Chinese Super Computing Center (Wuxi). It comes from a joint investment established in 2006 by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Wuxi Government and is one of the most advanced high-performance computing platforms in the world.

The new supercomputer performance at 100 petaFLOPS (Floating-point Operations Per Second) ranks among the fastest worldwide and requires massive cooling at very precise conditions, with the utmost reliability.

The owner in fact imposed extremely strict requirements for the cooling system selection, such as water temperature stability, water collection, adaptability to the variable primary flow system (VPF) and the unit’s equipment with a proportional control valve to adjust the cooling water flow and ensure the pressure difference.

To satisfy all these needs Climaveneta delivered 15 TECS2-W /H water-cooled chillers equipped with magnetic levitation, oil free VFD compressors, with the best Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER), close to 10.

Furthermore, the Climaveneta cooling system, combined with further eco sustainable technologies adopted, such as free cooling and VPF, has contributed to cut the entire energy consumption of the data center by 45%, compared to traditional design, complying with the stringent energy efficiency requirements set by applied environmental standards.

“Climaveneta’s participation in this projects confirm our leadership in high efficiency data center cooling applications and adds up to a long list of very relevant installations worldwide” says Mauro Montello, Sales and Marketing Director at Climaveneta.

Climaveneta has been appointed as the exclusive supplier to deliver 48 free cooling chillers, 4 water-cooled heat pumps and 1 air-cooled heat pump for more than 70 MegaWatts total cooling and heating capacity. A 10 year service contract completes the supply.

“We are proud to contribute to China’s digital transformation with our innovative IT cooling solutions added Mauro.”


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