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Cloud Messaging and Mobile Applications will transform enterprise communications

In conversation with Ravi Sundararajan, COO, Webaroo, he talks about their new enterprise application Teamchat and how enterprise communication segment has revolutionized over the period of time.

 Ravi Sundararajan

  1. Tell us something about Teamchat? What was the idea behind starting it?

While, Smartphones and instant messaging apps have transformed communications among consumers over the last few years. Enterprises find them hard to use in their organizations since the messaging apps limit group size and are overwhelming with an excessive number of messages.

  1. How it has revolutionized communication in the enterprise segment?

By bringing the same instant, real-time messaging capability of popular consumer messaging applications to enterprises Teamchat will transform enterprise communications and enable organizations to be always connected with its employees, partners, agents, distributors, and suppliers using a mobile-first messaging experience. With TeamChat, the way we communicate in our personal life is how we’ll communicate at work.

  1. What kind of response the app has received?

The app has received overwhelming response from small and large organizations such as HDFC, Bharti AXA, Diageo and Emirates Holdings are realizing that employees are more productive when using a mobile first, WhatsApp-like communication experience, which is also enterprise friendly.

  1. In which enterprise segment the app is being used the most?

Though Teamchat can be used by several small and large organizations with distributed work forces, initial traction is from Financial Services, Retail and Healthcare.

  1. How does it make the enterprise messaging smart?

Teamchat solves the key problem in large group messaging: excessive message clutter. Teamchat contains smart messages that automatically aggregate replies and update themselves. For example, when a user posts a poll in the group, the message updates itself automatically with the aggregate result when other group members reply to it. No matter how many users respond to the poll, it’s just one message in the conversation thread. Teamchat comes with numerous templates including poll, survey, number tracker, comment, multi-field forms, comment, location, nominate etc.

  1. As we know that it is a free app, then what is your revenue generation model?

The basic application is free but there are some advanced features like integration, customisation, user management and group management, for which the charges are USD 2 per user per month.

  1. What difference do you witness in the Indian and other markets as far as the adoption of the app is concerned?

So far we haven’t noticed any Differences in adoption in India vs other Global markets as it’s a Global data app.

  1. Apart from Teamchat, what more the company will be offering to the Indian enterprise segment?

Webaroo’s has a unified messaging platform Gupshup, which supports over 2.1 billion mobile interactions per month and is being used by over 66 Million users, 500 brands and 25,000 businesses to interact, engage and communicate using any mobile device. Gupshup is the fastest growing and leading Unified Messaging Platform in India with over 36% of the A2P SMS volume in India being sent using its SMS, Voice and Data Cloud API platform. Our platform has processed over 100 Billion messages and enables enterprises to send mobile messages to users across all messaging paths including Data, SMS and Voice. We also have a skilled Mobile Applications Development team that has developed leading consumer and enterprise Mobile Apps and that can also help customize mobile marketing, CRM, Salesforce Management services.

  1. What are your future plans for the Indian enterprise segment?

Instant Messaging has started to change the dynamics of Indian Enterprise and helped to increase the efficiency and productivity. Cloud Messaging and Mobile Applications will transform enterprise communications and enable organizations to be always connected with its employees, partners, agents, distributors, and suppliers using a mobile-first messaging experience. They will also change the way small and large organizations acquire, engage and retain customers. The old school approach for marketers who had adequate budgets was to use traditional print and media advertising and augment that with online marketing. One of the cardinal rules of marketing is you have to meet your customers where they are, and customers today are increasingly mobile. Hence, the new playground for marketers is social, local and mobile, and is proving to be a successful mobile marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter and mobile social media have become the new quintessential communication tools for marketing managers. More recently, with the advent of social media, consumers feel a heightened need to participate in sharing common interests and experiences with communities and larger groups. More brands, businesses and governments are waking up to the fact that the old school approach of creating a brand and expecting consumers to be loyal to it doesn’t work anymore. Interactivity and shared participation in creating brands, communities, governments and user experiences is here to stay. Give this our future plans involves creating cloud messaging solutions that use a combination of messaging, voice, and mobile data applications to acquire, engage, retain and communicate using a mobile first experience that is more regional and customized.


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