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Top Cloud Security Challenges 2022

The task is possible only with the introduction of cloud technology is known for its flexibility and as a platform for growth.

Cloud in 2022Dominating the vast industries for the last couple of years, the IT infrastructure of a country or a state has now become the major foothold that can determine the prowess of how developed a nation is.

And the Achilles heel of every big IT enterprise and business is mainly centered around the data of that business whose security is paramount to uphold.

This is where cloud security comes into play. Since all businesses revolve around the data and its security whose applications are required at a large scale to accelerate any business, the primary need that comes up is its accessibility by the user from anywhere and from any device.

The task is possible only with the introduction of cloud technology is known for its flexibility and as a platform for growth.

According to the latest research, multiple organizations that leverage the cloud tend to grow 26% faster and are 21% more profitable.

And though cloud services are heavily commended by numerous enterprises for their resiliency, agility, flexibility, and scalability, a few Cloud Security Challenges in 2022 have continued to hold many enterprises back from fully embracing the cloud and availing its services to the max.

However, before discussing in length how Cloud Security Challenges in 2022 are disrupting the growth of Cloud Technology, we must understand some basics regarding cloud, its security and the services it provides to the business to make them thrive in this tight competition over data.

Cloud and Its Adoption in 2022

Cloud SecurityCloud security or often called cloud computing is best defined as the set of controls, technologies, procedures, policies and services that aim to deliver hosted services over the Internet and protect the uploaded cloud data and infrastructure.

Due to its rapid operation, flexibility, and scalability, Cloud services have slowly become a favorite tool among many business organizations.

In simpler terms, the cloud refers to any computing service that is available on-demand over the Internet.

Categorizing the cloud services based on its accessibility, the cloud can be public (i.e., owned and operated by any third party), or private (i.e., used exclusively by one business, hosted on-site or at a third-party), or can be hybrid that allows data and apps to move between the two for the greatest flexibility.

Business cloud computing services can be further broken down into main three types that include,

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud Security Challenges in 2022

Cloud Security Challenges in 2022Though cloud usage has increased tremendously in the last few years, only 20-40% of business workloads were accounted to have shifted their workload on the cloud before the pandemic, according to a recent report partly due to certain Cloud Security Challenges in 2022.

However, we have also seen a steady deployment of one type of cloud service, that is Hybrid Cloud as companies are preferring to mix the accessibility options to meet their business goals.

Despite this measure, Hybrid cloud also presents new Cloud Security Challenges in 2022 that are still plaguing the industry.

Challenge # 1: Less Visibility with More Complexity

Addressing the most common challenge in the list of Cloud Security Challenges in 2022, many companies that deploy more public cloud services and are adding private cloud capabilities, their IT platforms are becoming much more complex from a management and security point of view.

Neglecting to take appropriate steps to monitor the usage of these services, these businesses are slowly losing visibility of what’s going on in this environment.

Despite offering more flexibility which is the main point of choosing a hybrid cloud environment, IT leaders are required to re-evaluate their security practices and consider how they may need to be adapted considering the hybrid architecture.

Challenge # 2: Shifting Security Responsibilities

Since the main task of the hybrid model requires putting in place controls around perimeter security, infrastructure, and virtualization that shift to cloud providers in a public cloud ecosystem, the understanding of this changing security shared responsibility model is vital. And is, therefore, another name that adds to the list of Cloud Security Challenges in 2022.

Since hybrid models lack a clearly defined responsibility assignment matrix, the operating model in a hybrid cloud ecosystem sometimes gives leeway for unmitigated threats and unaddressed capabilities that in turn, prevent the organization from scaling businesses. Thus, representing another Cloud Security Challenges in 2022.

Challenge # 3: Network Protection Mismatches

Network security plays a key area where enterprises continue to be challenged making it another Cloud Security Challenges in 2022, as many existing vendor tools that support private cloud might not be feasible for public clouds.

This led to new occurrences of compromise of containers and their exploitation as businesses leverage containers for a seamless transition to manage hybrid cloud without understanding the nuances like service mesh and API security.

Challenge # 4: Skill Gap and Lack of Knowledge

Though we are already aware of the severe shortage of cybersecurity skills that account for another Cloud Security Challenges in 2022, several organizations are struggling to find a skilled workforce to fill a variety of roles.

Identifying and hiring security professionals that can understand the cloud is another daunting challenge since most non-technology businesses and non-cloud service providers are competing for the same cloud talent pool.

In return, businesses should focus more on developing training programs to up-skill their current employees to help in this area.


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