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Cobots- A Walk with Leaders!

Cobots industryCobot also known as collaborative robots work as an assistant of a human being and in other words it can be defined as the hardware version of Augmented Intelligence. As robots replace humans and do their jobs, but it’s not in the case of cobots. Cobots can automatically learn any kinds of tasks through demonstration and reinforcement learning. According to Barclays Equity Research, the global sales of cobots have already crossed US$120 million in the year 2015 and this figure is predicted to grow to $12 billion by the year 2025. The best part of cobots is, they don’t replace humans and they do work with them and learn easily. The use of cobots is safe because they can be interactively controlled by the humans while performing a joint task.

Cobots have been trained in a different manner as comparison to traditional industrial robots.  The main theory of the cobot is its cooperation and ability to work in close proximity to humans. These cobots are aimed at augmenting what humans do, to make humans more effective, efficient, and enhanced. Indeed, if the old robotics focused on the 4 D’s, then you can think that cobots focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and enhancement.

If we see the usage of cobots, so it can be easily programmable than industrial robots because they are capable of “learning” on the job. If a normal worker wants, he can re-program the cobots movements and from that moment cobot will learn and do work accordingly on its own. Industrial robots is totally opposite of cobots, it cannot be reprogrammed easily, and require an engineer to write new code for any changes in the process to be implemented.

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Nitisha Dubey

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