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Comprehensive and Secure Consolidation of Automotive Wireless Technologies

Wi-Fi 6 also supports Over-the-Air (OTA) software and firmware upgrades, even in dense deployment scenarios and challenging environments, such as underground car parks.

U-BLOX-NXPNXP® Semiconductors has chosen u-blox positioning and wireless communications modules in their new OrangeBox connectivity domain controller (CDC) development platform.

NXP OrangeBox Automotive Connectivity Domain Controller Development Platform leverages u-blox technologies

Modern automobiles use a variety of wireless technologies to deliver key driver features including infotainment and advanced safety functionalities. OrangeBox simplifies in-car architectures by unifying current and emerging wireless interfaces into a single, security-enhanced connectivity domain controller.

The OrangeBox solution leverages the u-blox JODY-W3 module to provide Wi-Fi 6 and dual-mode Bluetooth 5.3 technologies, and the ZED-F9K GNSS receiver to deliver decimeter-level positioning accuracy.

The integration of both u-blox JODY-W3 and ZED-F9K products demonstrates the solid business relationship between NXP and u-blox (u-blox is an NXP Gold Partner), and recognizes the strength of u-blox technology in the automotive market.

“With the introduction of the OrangeBox connectivity domain controller development platform, NXP is providing a comprehensive and secure consolidation of automotive wireless technologies for tomorrow’s software-defined vehicle architecture,” said Jeff James, Senior Director of Marketing, Connected Automotive Product Line, NXP Semiconductors. “NPX selected u-blox, an NXP Gold Partner, to provide both their JODY-W3 Wi-Fi 6 module using NXP’s 88Q9098 / AW690 Wi-Fi 6 chipsets, and the GNSS technology for this platform.”

JODY-W3 is one of the first modules on the market to offer IEEE 802.11ax – or Wi-Fi

The module also provides dual-mode Bluetooth 5.3, and targets the automotive market, both first mount in vehicles and aftermarket telematics.

JODY-W3 supports a wide spectrum of automotive use cases, including enhanced in-car infotainment, with ultra-HD video streaming on multiple displays, screen mirroring, and wireless back-up cameras. Wi-Fi 6 also supports Over-the-Air (OTA) software and firmware upgrades, even in dense deployment scenarios and challenging environments, such as underground car parks.

The ZED-F9K (GNSS) module is a high-precision positioning solution with embedded RTK and IMU sensors

An ideal solution for ADAS, V2X, and Augmented reality navigation, the module delivers decimeter-level accuracy for automotive mass market applications when complemented with augmentation services. With integrated RTK and IMU sensors, the ZED-F9K is ready to use together with the u-blox ANN-MB antenna and a correction service for fast performance evaluation. The module’s multi-band receiver regains lock to maximize availability of accurate positioning.


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