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Rise of Connected Cars in India’s Automotive Market

Aimed to simplify the owner’s everyday drives while offering matchless in-cabin experiences, Connected Cars Tech India makes one’s driving experience more pleasant and convenient while efficiently providing intelligent features to its users.

Connected Cars Tech IndiaEarning the title of one of the largest vehicle-producing countries in the world, India stands fifth at the pedestal of vehicle production globally.

According to the latest census report of 2021, the total production volume of vehicles in India has been accounted for 22.7 million units this year, indicating a tremendous increase from the previous year.

So, one can conclude that around 1 out of 3 households in India is the owner of a vehicle at the moment wherein 22 out of 1000 people is estimated to be car owner.

Though the estimates might vary a little due to the sudden setback the automobile industry faced during the 2020 pandemic times, but overall situation ensures that car owners in India are rapidly increasing day by day.

This spurt in car ownership can be attributed to multiple reasons like the sudden rise of start-up environment or manufacturing facilities being set up that has given the much-awaited push in country’s economic conditions but another notable reason can be the introduction of connected cars in the Indian market in the last few years.

Aimed to simplify the owner’s everyday drives while offering matchless in-cabin experiences, Connected Cars Tech India makes one’s driving experience more pleasant and convenient while efficiently providing intelligent features to its users.

Although we have talked all about Connected Cars Tech India in my previous article “Connected Cars – India’s Automobile Future” where we talked about what this technology is all about along with its mechanism, here we will discover some of the unique features of this technology.

So, let’s gear ourselves to explore some of the unique features of the most popular Connected Cars Tech India and its vehicle market right now.

Unique Connected Car Features

Connected Cars IndiaEquipped with a host of smart features, Connected Cars Tech India improves the overall driving experience as it comes geared up with additional advanced security features.

Below, we are outlining some of the most unique smart features of a connected car that includes,

Security: Termed as one of the most significant features in Connected Cars Tech India, these smart cars are now equipped with several critical security features like real-time location sharing or tracking, emergency SOS calls in case of an accident as well as roadside assistance in case of vehicle breakdown.

Internet Connectivity: One of the inherent features of Connected Cars Tech India that makes it smarter and connected is the presence of the internet via an embedded chipset or eSIM card. These eSIM allows its users to access the internet, provided stable wireless network coverage is available.

These vehicles also provide onboard WiFi connectivity while utilizing other online apps available.

Alerting Young Drivers from Curfews: Armed with one of the best security features are known as Geo-Fencing, connected cars feature this technology that creates a geographical boundary on the map to alert the owner of the vehicle is driven beyond the set boundary. The geo-fencing feature can be easily set up via the smartphone app and is extremely useful for young or inexperienced drivers.

Remote Parking: Working according to its name, some high-end Connected Cars Tech India possess this unique feature to remotely park the vehicle. Using a smartphone app, one can get out of its vehicle and maneuver the car to park it in the desired spot.

Entertainment: Though not as unique as the previously mentioned features, these vehicles allow their users to connect to a variety of pre-loaded entertainment services/apps where one can listen to music, internet radio or even watch videos.

5G & Connected Cars Tech in India

Connected CarsThough supplied with so many features, tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the standard mass-production of Self-driving cars that are still under development phases but at present Connected Cars Tech India is the second-best alternative available.

However, another feature that every car enthusiast is waiting for is the integration of 5G connectivity with connected cars.

In a recent development, MG Motor, one of the biggest connected car manufacturer companies has partnered with Jio to upgrade its connected car tech suite.

And since Jio has announced itself to be one of the first telecoms that will bring 5G technology to the Indian market, MG customers stand to benefit in the long run.

Supplied with Jio’s high-speed internet and connectivity, MG vehicle owners would be getting real-time telematics from their cars on the go, thus enhancing the Connected Cars Tech India to new heights.

Top Most Popular Connected Cars in India

Although we had an extensive talk about some of the connected cars start-ups in India in my another previous article, “Is Indian Market Ready for Connected Cars?”, here we are naming some of the most popular and affordable Connected cars present in the Indian market, that are,

  • Ford Figo
  • Hyundai i20
  • Honda City
  • Kia Sonet
  • Tata Nexon
  • MG Hector


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