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Continental Collaborates With Leia For 3D Light-Field Automotive Display

Continental has announced its collaboration with Leia, for developing light-field automotive displays to show 3D information around vehicles.

Under this new collaboration, the German automotive manufacturing company aims to develop a new light-field cockpit solution, the Natural 3D Lightfield Instrument Cluster, which, according to them, is an evolutionary step in the design of the human-machine interaction within automotive vehicles.

According to Continental and Leia, the concept of the new light-field solution is to transform cars into next-generation mobile devices providing information of the surrounding environment with 3D effect.

David Fattal, co-founder and CEO of Leia, noted, “To us, it’s a bigger, more immersive version of a smartphone with full 3D awareness of its environment. It’s a logical place to deploy our growing Lightfield ecosystem of immersive gaming, video streaming, social sharing, or even e-commerce.”

Leia´s Lightfield technology used for Continental’s natural 3D display eliminates the need a head-tracker camera. Furthermore, there is yet another leap in the quality of the new system in comparison with previous 3D-methods. The 3D-image produced by the light-field display is made up of a total of eight perspectives of the same object that subtly vary according to the point-of-view.

Continental adapts Leia’s technology to achieve a 3D effect through a special method of blocking or refracting light. Parallax barrier systems, in particular, offer only a single user application by requiring a head tracker system to adjust the 3D views towards the observer´s exact head position. Continental’s new 3D Lightfield application comprising Leia’s DLB (Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting) technology offers the next level above conventional 3D displays and enables a crystal-clear screen, even when sunlight is shining directly onto it.

Leia For 3D Light-Field Automotive Display

The collaboration plans to leverage Continental’s expertise in automotive information systems and sensors to augment Leia’s content platform LeiaLoft and enables car manufacturers and third-party developers to easily create “holographic” apps for the car of tomorrow. This Automotive Software Development Kit (SDK) will give developers access to the car’s interior and exterior environment in full 3D and enable a host of applications from holographic navigation, park assist or augmented reality on the digital cluster or central information display.

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