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Cyber Security and the iGaming Industry

Cyber SecurityAs we would expect from any global digital industry worth billions of dollars, the major players in the iGaming industry take cyber security very seriously. Vast amounts of resources, including both money and time, are spent implementing measures, employing teams of loss prevention experts, and ensuring that virtual products are as safe and secure as possible.

In 2020, the threat of DDoS attacks, hacking and data theft is still all too real, and whilst brick and mortar casinos have their own set of potential security issues to combat, those affecting their online counterparts means that being proactive is still of paramount importance.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the different security measures employed by operators in the online real money gaming industry, from in-house solutions to the latest technological offerings.

How casinos keep their platforms secure

Alongside airtight policies and Know Your Customer (KYO) procedures, online casinos and iGaming providers implement a range of measures into their platforms.

Any reputable and quality casino will be licensed by a recognised jurisdiction, such as Malta, the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom, and be audited by independent bodies on a regular basis. But customer protection doesn’t just stop there. Online casinos, poker rooms and betting platforms are built on innovative technology that is focused on cyber security.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Data Encryption – reputable iGaming websites that collect both personal and financial data from customers are built using 128 or 256-bit SSL data encryption, which are the same levels used by financial institutions, banks and online payment wallets. This technology works by turning whatever personal financial data a customer inputs into strings of unbreakable code, rendering it gibberish to any hacker that tries to intercept it.

Random Number Generators – think of these as the foundation of any secure real money gaming or wagering platform. RNGs are typically software algorithms that ensure the outcome of any in-game activity, such as the spin of a slots reel, is completely random. These generators are subject to periodic independent testing to ensure their security hasn’t been compromised. Leading platforms will be completely transparent about the integrity of their generator, publishing details about the ISO standards it meets through accreditation with bodies like the Gaming Laboratories International alongside a valid certificate of integrity directly on their websites.

Two-Factor Authentication – more and more iGaming providers are implementing two-factor authentication into their offerings, particularly due to the variations in online real money gaming laws across countries and states. This two-step process shows that online casinos have done everything within their power to properly identify customers and their locations, minimising fraudulent activity and illegal activation in the process.

New laws and technologies

As more governments across the world make cyber security a priority, the laws affecting online operators are beginning to evolve too, as is the case currently in Macau. Last summer, a new cyber security bill was introduced that affects both brick and mortar casinos and online operators in the territory.

According to the law, all operators will need to both establish and maintain “cybersecurity management units” that will be “capable of implementing internal protection measures”. All iGaming operators are required to carry out new risk assessments of their networks and systems, submitting annual reports that include the results alongside incident records. They will also be required to implement a full cybersecurity management regime into their internal procedures, which will enable them to “protect, monitor, alert and respond” to any incidents or breaches of security.

SecurityElsewhere, operators within the industry themselves are recognising the need for industry standard cyber security and network protection. During the last quarter of 2019, iGaming tech suppliers Win Systems partnered with Israeli cyber security specialists CyberHat to offer professionally managed services to online casinos and real money gaming operators, including access to CyberHat’s CYREBRO Smart Security Operation Centre, which provides a 24 hour/365 day monitoring, detection, analysis and incident response service.

And, despite it being some time before the technology is likely to be fully implemented in the industry across the board, the decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes it a powerful weapon, which is sure to become part of the iGaming industry’s future arsenal against cyber crime.


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