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Cyberoam Receives Patent For Innovative Layer-8 Technology

Cyberoam Hemal PatelCyberoam Technologies, a Sophos Company and a global network security appliances provider has announced that it has been awarded a patent for identity and policy-based network security and management by the US Patent Office.

The Cyberoam Layer 8 technology has been developed by the Cyberoam team in India. The technology delivers distinctive capability to connect end user identity with network security policy, allowing IT security managers to manage activity based on individual requirements.

This ‘Layer 8’ Technology lets user-specific policies, enabling granular security controls for firewall decisions. Network administrators and IT security managers gain the ability to grant network, bandwidth and application access based on user-identity, time-of-day and other Layer-7 (application layer) controls, the press release states.

With the additional level of control and visibility provided by Cyberoam Layer 8 Technology, organizations are well enabled to fulfil regulatory compliance requirements like HIPAA, CIPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, etc.

Hemal Patel, CEO of Cyberoam Technologies and senior VP of IT & operations at Sophos added, “This patent grant validates Cyberoam’s continued leadership in providing identity-based network security to address two of the primary security challenges: helping network administrators manage the weakest link in the security chain with user-defined security and network access policies, and strengthening compliance and reporting based on complete visibility of user activity in the network.”



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