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This Cybersecurity Startup Enabling Organizations to Curb Threats

The company is transforming security operations by delivering the cybersecurity industry's only Virtual Cyber Fusion Center Platform with next-generation SOAR.

Akshat-JainCyware, a cybersecurity startup started by Indian techies, is offering a full-stack of innovative cyber fusion solutions for all-source strategic, tactical, technical and operational threat intelligence sharing & threat response automation. Cyware has been recognized for its innovation as a ‘Representative Vendor’ by Gartner in its “2020 Market Guide: Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response”. The company is transforming security operations by delivering the cybersecurity industry’s only Virtual Cyber Fusion Center Platform with next-generation SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) and threat intelligence technology. During an interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Akshat Jain, CTO and Co-Founder, Cyware highlights Cyware’s special offerings by highlighting cyber fusion, threat intelligence, security orchestration, automation, and situational awareness solutions..

Kindly explain Cyware and its special offerings.

Cyware equips organizations with next-gen technologies that can help them streamline their security operations and build a collective defense. To enable organizations to curb threats at an early stage of the attack lifecycle, Cyware’s Threat Intel Platform (TIP) helps connect a variety of stakeholders to analyze, operationalize, and disseminate threat information in real-time. The need for threat intel sharing is more evident than ever as the public and private sector look for ways to collectively thwart cyber threats and improve the readiness of all organizations to respond to various threats. Using Cyware’s TIP solution, organizations can simplify all the different stages of the threat intelligence lifecycle, from ingestion, enrichment, analysis, and scoring, to operationalization and sharing with smart automation capabilities to eliminate repetitive tasks. Cyware’s security orchestration and automation (SOAR) and Virtual Cyber Fusion Center (vCFC) solutions help organizations integrate, automate, and streamline their diverse security functions under a single roof to remove bottlenecks and accelerate their threat response and management activities. Together, the Cyware product portfolio catalyzes the creation of resilient cybersecurity postures for organizations across all industries and scale.

What are your take on Funding, investment plans, and Fundraising?

In its growth journey, the combination of category-defining products, success in exceeding the expectations of its clients, and continued expansion across various verticals and geographies have helped Cyware garner immense trust from its investors. This enabled Cyware to recently close its Series B ($30 million, March 2021) and Series A ($10 million, August 2020) funding rounds within a short span of seven months during the pandemic, with a total of $43 million raised to date. The illustrious group of investors backing Cyware include Advent International, TenEleven Ventures, Tanium, Zscaler, Prelude (the venture practice at Mercato Partners), Emerald Development Managers, CrossPoint Capital Partners, and several industry veterans. Our plan, for now, is to keep growing and continue solving the most complex challenges in the cyber-security domain. We will raise funds at an opportune moment in the future based on the company’s growth trajectory and operational requirements.

Can you please explain the recent developments (corporate and technology-wise) and GTM?

  • Cyware has sustained a high business growth rate year on year for the last three consecutive years, while serving multiple Fortune 500 organizations, information sharing communities (ISACs/ISAOs), national CERTs and even mid-sized companies who benefit from targeted solutions from Cyware.
  • Along with this, Cyware has continued to make strides in developing its product portfolio by adopting a customer-centric approach across all functions. By developing a close working relationship with its customers, Cyware has been able to effectively shape its product roadmap, market strategies, and value propositions.
  • The continual product innovation at Cyware has led to the creation of new solutions or features, including a lightweight orchestrator for automating Cloud to On-Premise automation, a threat intelligence platform for mid-market enterprises and a threat intelligence processing and collaboration platform for ISAC members. The unique orchestration capability was built after realizing the need to close the operational gap in automating and orchestrating the cloud applications and on-premise deployed security solutions. On the other hand, the industry’s first TIP for mid-market organizations (CTIX Lite) was designed to serve the needs of organizations with small or no dedicated threat intel teams and those who do not have a large cybersecurity budget. Cyware built this platform to help mid-market security teams to protectively identify and mitigate potential security threats. These teams had suddenly found themselves in the cross-hairs of threat actors after the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Cyware launched a threat intelligence processing and collaboration platforms for members of information sharing communities to enable them to operationalize, action, and bi-directionaly share threat intelligence. Cyware has also introduced an open-source TAXII client to enable ISAC/ISAO members to access shared threat intelligence even if they do not have a threat intelligence platform. Cyware Threat Crawler is yet another addition to the suite of Cyware solutions, enabling ISACs/ISAOs and their members leveraging CTIX to create, and share threat intelligence pulled straight from the web. Together, Cyware’s solutions are helping information sharing communities foster the next-generation of security by enabling collective defense between different organizations.

What will be the roadmap of the company for 2022 and beyond?

Cyber security has become a factor that can make or break the bottom line for organizations. Cyware is well-positioned to enable organizations to step up their cybersecurity postures with our cyber fusion, threat intelligence, security orchestration and automation, and situational awareness solutions. Cyware is rapidly expanding its operations across four major geographical regions and witnessing a rapid adoption of its solutions across various sectors, including clientele such as large enterprises, information sharing communities (ISACs/ISAOs), National CERTs, and more. Cyware continues its exciting journey by turning the tide with its virtual cyber fusion center and bringing together the good actors in the fight against cyber threats.

Kindly focus on the Impact of New and Emerging Technologies on the Cyber Threat Landscape.

The cyber landscape is home to a continual battle between various kinds of cyber adversaries and the defenders trying to protect organizations from malicious intrusions. The emergence of technologies like threat intelligence, security orchestration and automation, and virtual cyber fusion is helping tip the scales in favour of the defenders. Through the use of strategic and tactical threat intel, organizations can get a comprehensive picture of the threat environment and the potential weaknesses that could be exploited in their attack surface. Through the use of security orchestration and automation capabilities, organizations can deliver and operationalize the threat intel insights across their technology stack and different teams. Moreover, the integration of different security functions is further enhanced by the collation of threat data and operational workflows through cyber fusion. Together, these technologies can lay the foundation for a resilient cybersecurity ecosystem.

Collective Cyber Defense: How Cyware is building a ‘first-of-its-kind global collective defense network?

  • Today, cyber threats are a shared challenge for organizations large or small in both the public and private sectors. In light of the growing cybersecurity risks, organizations need to build bridges to collectively fend off critical threats. Cyware is building the first-of-its-kind global collective defense network through its advanced cross-sectoral threat intel sharing platforms that connects all the stakeholders within an organization, as well as its business partners, vendors, industry peers, national CERTs, information sharing communities (ISACs/ISAOs), and others. Through this network, organizations can share strategic, tactical, technical and operational threat intelligence in real-time to ensure a timely response to various threats.
  • Moreover, Cyware’s Virtual Cyber Fusion Center (vCFC) and security orchestration and automation (SOAR) solutions enable organizations to operationalize the collected threat intel through the combination of human and machine capabilities in an integrated SecOps setup under a single roof. Together, Cyware’s solutions equip organizations with the necessary technological capabilities to adopt a collective defense approach in their cybersecurity strategy.

How Cyware is leading the security landscape in cyber fusion solutions by enabling end-to-end threat intelligence automation for organizations globally?

  • Cyware has pioneered the Virtual Cyber Fusion technology that integrates disparate cybersecurity functions, including threat intelligence operationalization, security automation, threat response, security orchestration, incident management, and case management into a single, connected platform for SecOps teams.
  • Cyware delivers next-generation SOAR solutions, along with a TIP, making it the only technology provider capable of delivering this level of SecOps capability across these two functions globally. This enables Cyware’s customers to implement last-mile threat intelligence dissemination and operationalization through real-time exchange of threat information within the organization and with their business partners, industry peers, vendors, national CERTs, ISACs/ISAOs, and other external stakeholders.
  • Whether an organization’s cybersecurity team is remote or dispersed, a virtual cyber fusion center orchestrates people, processes, and technologies to boost threat intelligence sharing, accelerate threat response velocity, and reduces the risk of malicious intrusions, while improving the overall cybersecurity posture.

Is there any new project you are planning to launch near future?

With a clientele spread across different geographies and sectors, Cyware strives to solve cybersecurity use cases for organizations based on their distinct threat environments. Cyware aims to push the boundaries of SecOps capabilities of organizations with its continued product innovation in SOAR, threat intelligence, and virtual cyber fusion. Cyware will keep upgrading its solutions to act as a force multiplier for security teams, allowing them to work efficiently and effectively by harnessing the powers of information sharing, collaboration, and security integration.


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