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Leading D Sub Connector Manufacturers in the World

D-Sub-ConnectorD Sub Connector is a kind of plugs and sockets which has been used in various communications and on earlier PCs. Also known as “DB connectors” and “D-subs,” they come in 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 pin varieties. The D-sub designation defines the physical structure of the connector, not the purpose of each line.  The pins of a D-sub connector are organized in (at least two, and at most five) parallel rows. The space between the pins is called the density of the connector. The three densities of D-sub connector are normal, high, and double. Here, we have enlisted leading D sub connector manufacturers in the world;


HartingHARTING’s D-Sub connectors have made its name in the leading D sub connector manufacturers in the world. In addition to classic D-Subs, HARTING offers many other solutions for transmitting signals, data and high currents. With its D-Sub Mixed, for example, Harting can create nearly unlimited variants to satisfy its clients’ particular modular requirements.

Harting’s additional options, such as adding filter elements or water resistance, help customers to solve problems and save space on their PCB. HARTING has been a leading supplier of D-Sub connectivity for industrial environments for decades.

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TE Connectivity

TE ConnectivityThe complete line of D-Subminiature Connectors from TE Connectivity has achieved its name in one of the leading D sub connector manufacturers in the world. TE Connectivity ranges from Right Angle and Vertical Posted Connectors, Cable Connectors to the AMPLIMITE .050 Series D-Sub Connectors. Their D-Subminiature connector portfolio is designed for multiple applications along with specialized accessories that will provide any customer with an economical d-sub solution for any complex application. The AMPLIMITE D-subminiature connectors are qualified to the MIL-DTL-24308 specification. TE’s Series 109, Series 90 and ULTRA-LITE connectors offer a full range of contact densities, as well as weight-savings and EMI shielding. Its portfolio includes AS39029 contacts, as well as coax and power contacts.

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NorcompD-sub, rectangular D-shaped, d-sub connectors from Norcomp deliver one of the most commonly used and reliable connectivity solutions for the transmission of data, namely the RS-232 standard. This connector is used in computer serial ports and other widely used computer peripheral parallel ports. Over time, the D-sub connector has evolved to meet the demands of far more rigorous and demanding end-use applications including industrial, military and transportation equipment as well as outdoor commercial electronics such as boating and remote weather stations that require an IP67 D-sub to ensure the reliable transfer of signal in stressful and harsh environments.

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CONECCONEC has been developing, producing and marketing high-quality connectors, patch cable and single ended cable as well as enclosure technology.

CONEC products are used in automation, telecommunications and energy technology, machine manufacturing, agriculture and medical technology, transportation and the aviation industry. Wide range of D Sub Connectors has made its name in the leading D sub connector manufacturers in the world. CONEC D-SUB connectors are available in five standard housing sizes in the variants Standard, High Density and Combination with or without filters.

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CannonOriginally designed & patented by Cannon engineers for use on commercial & military aviation systems, D-Sub Connectors has been manufactured as a smaller, lightweight alternative to many of the large, heavier circular electronic plugs of the time.

This small but robust rectangular interconnect solution was quickly adopted across a number of applications and industries, and the Cannon D-Sub soon became the first multi-purpose connector of its kind. Today, Cannon offer an array of D-Sub styles, sizes, configurations and accessories, with a global reach through Direct Sales and valued Distribution Partners. From rocket launchers and satellite systems, to flight simulators and military ground vehicles, its performance, reliability and versatility have made this Cannon invention one of the leading D sub connector manufacturers in the world.

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MolexMolex’s D-Sub product family includes connectors available in standard, high-density and mixed-layout versions, as well as various material and plating combinations with an extensive range of backshells and accessory options, to provide effective solutions for a variety of applications. Molex focuses on accelerated innovation to provide solutions that support everything from mobile phones to electric cars to robotic surgery. Its wide range of D-Sub connectors has achieved its name in the leading D sub connector manufacturers in the world.

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GlenairAlthough, Glenair has wide varieties of D-Sub connectors, but its 28 HiPer-D connector is intermateable and intermountable with standard M24308 type D-Subs, and meets the need for improved performance in hostile environments. Unlike standard M24308 connectors with stamped steel shells, the HiPer-D is precision-machined from aluminum or stainless steel. The dielectric inserts are made with thermoset epoxy for improved resistance to chemicals and are capable of withstanding 200°C continuous operating temperature. Aerospace-grade fluorosilicone grommets and face seals provide watertight sealing. Integrated grounding fingers provide superior electromagnetic compatibility. Best of all, the HiPer-D is available in every standard and high-density M24308 layout as well as combo layouts integrating power and shielded contacts and that’s make Glenair one of the leading D sub connector manufacturers in the world.

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AmphenolAmphenol, one of the leading D sub connector manufacturers in the world offers a wide range of D-subminiature connectors in standard and high density form factors. In addition, it has rugged versions for harsh environments and filtered D-subs for overall EMI shielding. Amphenol’s connectors are also available in signal, power and hybrid versions which provide both signal and power.

Also available are various accessories to complement its D- Sub offerings to account for the moderate to severe mechanical stresses encountered and preventing risks like pulling up and accidental mismating.

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