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Data Center Market in India— Leveraging Data for Future!

Data Center IndiaToday, every big enterprise requires a stable, secure and well-managed facility to house the necessary equipment to store company’s valuable and sensitive data.

Most modern organizations have to face down infrastructure management in some way leading to the birth of an organized facility that manages the massive amount of data generated every day.

Despite playing a significant role amidst an organization, Data Center Market in India has shown slow growth in comparison to the global standards.

So, how is the growth of the Data Center Market in India, is it still not picking the pace compared to other countries?

It’s worthwhile, then, to get back to basics, to look at how data centers mean to the businesses and their role to safeguard and utilize data.

Unraveling Data Center

A data center is a facility of one or more buildings housing a centralized computing infrastructure, like servers, storage, and networking equipment.

In this fast-paced world of apps, big data, and digital everything, businesses can’t stay on top of their industry without leveraging cutting-edge computing infrastructure.

Data center aims to provide easy access to the massive amounts of data stored for their employees to run daily operations, and other processes in a cloud computing environment. Thus, playing a critical role in increasing the demand of Data Center Market in India.

Why is Data Center Necessary?

Since every business requires to store data, whether it’s for their email, website, online transactions, etc., they need to be stored on a server. Servers can be defined as specialized computers that are connected to the business’s local network and the Internet.

Nonetheless, as businesses and their demands grow, as more data is generated, more servers and space are needed for them.

This is where data centers enter the picture. As businesses can pay for space and power to house their data in a secure, 24/7 supervised, with a temperature-controlled facility equipped with backup power supplies, it ensures data to be stored securely.

This allows businesses the leeway to spend less time managing their infrastructure while storing their data and ensures more time to focus on their business-critical functions. Thus, making Data Center Market in India grow steadily as we go global.

What Separates Data Center from a Server room or a Server farm?

introTypically, a server room is a room containing servers and supporting equipment like racks, fans, etc. Server rooms are often set up within larger buildings like an office tower. However, data centers are self-standing structures taking up all or most of a structure.

On the other hand, a server farm is a kind of bare-bones data center. Server farms are typically amateur setups where several servers are required to perform specific tasks like mining Bitcoin and they normally have little or no supporting infrastructure.

Data centers are different in that respect as they contain everything needed to power and maintain servers efficiently while making them fully suited for most mission-critical and business-focused tasks, therefore increasing the popularity of Data Center Market in India.

Data Center Market in India

Data Center RoleData Center Market in India is heading for a big boom over the next five years as predicted by a recent report.

India houses one of the youngest, tech-savvy populations in the world. Having the second largest telecom market, with highest number of mobile phone users globally, India is digitally hungry.

With a current capacity of only 400 megawatts, India lags behind Singapore and that of Northern Virginia, the largest data center market in the world.

Due to the increasing domestic demand, global brands want to increase their influence over India’s large population. Thus, witnessing an increased demand from global data center customers that are eager to enter India’s untapped market.

After all, if a business wants to reach India’s 1.35 billion population, it must be near its customers to provide a good experience, and the only way to be near them is to set up a data center in India.

The biggest Data Center Market in India is currently, Mumbai in the south, then New Delhi in the north.

The next hot spot is going to be Chennai, while several other markets like Pune are also growing steadily due to domestic and international demand.

Challenges Ahead

Despite its massive potential, there are very real challenges that block the smooth entry of big corporations in the Data Center Market in India.

Since India possess a complex market due to its large size, every state has its policies, as well as each region, possess different culture and regulations. It’s almost impossible for a global provider to just go in and start its things.

Thus, a partnership with a local company can garner a lot of local excitement as well as opportunity in India. And though the road ahead in the development of the Data Center Market in India is not an easy one, it is still worth the try as many global companies have now started to notice now.


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