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Data Center Racks: A Key Element for DCIM Industry

Ravi Raj U
Ravi Raj U, Brand Head, Director – Sales & Support, NetRack
  • Global Data Center Rack Server Market is growing at projected CAGR of 19.95% and estimated to reach the value of USD 90.56 Billion by 2021 
  • Growing demand for advancements in Data Center Infrastructure and storage spaces are the key driver in rack industry, especially in IT, Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare, Retail and Public Sector verticals

Growing demand of advanced infrastructure deployments in various industries and technologies like IoT, Cloud and Big Data generating voluminous data are the key drivers for data center rack market. The increasing demand of data center cabinets to accommodate the electrical equipment and connecting paraphernalia of storage systems and networks is making the companies invest heavily in their data center infrastructure components. Also, companies are expanding the existing data center facility by adding additional storage spaces, which require racks to arrange the IT equipment systematically. Thus, we can see more consumption of data center racks in the market.

Currently, organizations have a complexity factor associated in setting up and maintaining their data centers wisely. Wastage of space and resources, increase in energy consumption, high temperature inside the data centers, maintaining uptime and performance etc., are the key challenges faced by data center managers. Data center racks give a technically modern and intelligent solution to address these challenges. They also serve as an integral part in the adoption of colocation data centers, modular data centers and hyper scale data center connectivity.

DC Racks boosts Data Center Performance

Data center, being a key component in IT infrastructure, needs to be well monitored and maintained to avoid downtime disturbances, breaches and other complications. Rack architecture helps to organize the Both active and passive Components that are essential to run the data center continuously. Smart assembly of data racks will help to reduce the extra space occupied, enabling in preserving the resources.

Rack vendors with their innovation and technology Along with proper Air flow management accessories adding lot of intelligent components such as Intelligent Locks/ access, Intelligent PDU, Intelligent Climate monitoring & assent management strips/ sensors to serve various business needs. With the significant initiatives taken up in the data center rack industry, different types of racks such as Medium & High Density Rack, Seismic Racks are available to boost overall data center performance and efficiency, leading to business success.

Enable 100% Uptime with Intelligent Hardware Design

Currently, data centers are integrating more departments, functions, programs making its continuity a priority.  It is equally important for organizations to opt for an intelligent hardware design for their data centers to overcome the conventional issues and maintain 100% uptime. It’s high time that organizations start rethinking of data center rack designs, a few reasons are listed below.

  • Better Business Continuity: Along with the cyber security, physical security is equally important to protect data center from bad forces from physically accessing servers. Compromising of data causes a negative impact on the organizational ability to operate and leads to reputational damage. Thus, data center should be designed, built and maintained with robust technologies which can withstand physical damages, corporate thieves and natural disasters. This enables business continuity yielding better growth.
  • Better ROI: By designing and deploying data center racks that can operate efficiently and cool down the temperature inside the data center, one can reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs, hence increasing the ROI of the businesses. 
  • Increase Performance: Having a forward-looking design which will overcome common hardware failures such as breakdown, outages etc., and enables organizations to utilize the data center to its maximum potential, pushing business numbers. 
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Use of smart technologies in infrastructure such as cooling modules, bio-metric access, smart switches and sensors etc., pave way for an improved performance of entire equipment, reaching ideal efficiency. 

Companies must look for vendors, who cater technically advanced data center cabinets with enhanced rack designs. It will definitely help to overcome conventional problems faced in DCIM industry and enable to perform well in the competitive markets.


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