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Data Center Trends in 2022

Sachin BhallaThe intersection of hybrid cloud, server virtualization, artificial intelligence (AI) and transformational technologies at the edge are giving rise to the characteristic and projected growth of data centers across the country. The current situation has catalysed the need for increased network security, managing highly efficient workflows, processing massive volumes of data while rendering seamless interoperability, optimal growth and usage of decentralised cloud services. As data centers are evolving with new and emerging technologies that emphasize on sustainability and decarbonisation, some key trends that data centers will encompass going forward include:

  • Intelligent Monitoring: Intelligent Monitoring empowers the crux of data center operations. The movement towards automating management and monitoring and in turn receiving real-time data and insights will transform the operational capacities across data centers. By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics, intelligent monitoring will enable in breaking down silos across the infrastructure platform and increase visibility, transparency and bandwidth. This will further accelerate processes, improve uptime, predict needs and secure information with utmost reliability.
  • Hyperscale Data Centers: With increasing business demands and the growing pace of data consumption across industries, hyperscale data centers will be taking shape and pivoting existing operations significantly. The shift from on-premises to cloud and colocation providers has been driven by digital transformation. Increasing data center capabilities will be leveraged through hyperscale cloud giving enterprises the impetus to invest in scalable applications and solutions that render immense benefit. Hyperscale data centers will stay ahead of the curve in deploying smart, self-reliant and sophisticated solutions that reduce human intervention by integrating automation.
  • Green Data Centers: Data centers of the future need to emphasize on energy efficiency and examine their impact on the environment. Along with powering sustainable and versatile solutions at the edge, green data centers will enable more cost-efficiency, reduce downtime and optimize the use of resources that sustain data center operations. Data centers of the future are being revamped to incorporate fundamental changes in their design and build to create more resilience and mitigate factors that could affect the ecosystem.


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