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Data Privacy & Security Will Have Increased Focus, Consideration and Investment in 2019

Sanjay“At NXP Semiconductors, we believe that if companies are pre-emptive in the data protection zone, there will be a huge business opportunity for Indian industry” notes Sanjay Gupta |VP and India Country Manager | NXP Semiconductors, in a candid chat with Jyoti Gazmer, Sub-Editor, BIS Infotech while discussing ‘Security & Semiconductors’ in 2019. Edited Nub

1) The Road Ahead for AI in Security –

Artificial Intelligence has been revolutionizing continuously and has already begun to combine pattern recognition, cognitive intelligence and other intricacies of human intelligence with the capabilities of machine intelligence. With AI advancing, it has stepped out of the realm of business to the mainstream applications.

In this world of connected workplaces and the growth of cloud technologies, risks have sparked a chain reaction when it comes to security. Predictive analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence will build on this by giving security teams the predictive insight needed to tackle with threats before they become an issue as opposed to reacting to a problem. Also, there is no doubt machine learning has become more sophisticated in the past couple of years and will continue to do so as its learnings are compounded and computing power increases.

2) Predicting Security in 2019

While India’s cybersecurity requirements are not different from that of the rest of the world, there are multiple areas which require unique tactics to be implemented in order to ensure proper security. With the advancement in technology adoption, IoT and cloud security will emerge as a focus in 2019. Also, we’ll continue to see a shift away from prevention to resilience when it comes to security breaches.

Along with the Personal Data Protection Bill and the recent Aadhaar ruling in India, the focus on data privacy has already reached a tipping point.

According to Gartner, global AI-derived business value will reach nearly $3.9 trillion by 2022, so it is very important for corporates to start adapting the new changes in cybersecurity. In fact, it has been predicted that soon the blockchain security will help beef up cybersecurity to a point where threats are being identified and dealt with even before they hit.

3) Security Challenges – A Dare for the Indian Market?

The skills needed to deal with frequently changing cyber threats must develop and the challenge for businesses is to stay ahead of the game.

Account hacking is one of the biggest threat vectors in the cybersecurity industry today as attackers find the top management’s emails lucrative, targeting vulnerable data.

The regular upgradation in security norms will certainly need to be adopted by the corporates for smooth functioning of their businesses.

As the cybersecurity threat increases every day, there is a lot of work to be done to increase awareness of risks and drive home the need for continuous focus and investment in security procedures.

4) Credibility of the Cloud

When talking about cloud, security becomes the top priority. As data breaches become recurrent, more corporates want to be sure to invest in technologies to prevent a devastating, public attack. There is great effectiveness to be achieved with cloud so there needs to be operative cloud security.

Data privacy and security will have increased focus, consideration and investment in 2019 with greater cloud adoption, especially around crypto threats, endpoint security and social engineering attacks. Companies have started appointing network specialists to fulfil security roles in part due to emerging roles of IoT and Cloud.

5) Data Protection Bill – Boon or Bane?

In today’s market, data is a company’s most valuable asset, and undoubtedly, customer information is the key to delivering personalized, relevant and compelling experiences to them and in a connected world, there are several trillion digital records that get created every second. It is crucial on everybody’s part to understand and have a single data norm for easy function, as every data is personal information which needs consent from both the parties.

We, at NXP Semiconductors, believe if companies are pre-emptive in the data protection zone, there will be a huge business opportunity for Indian industry players, not just in the European and US markets but globally as well.


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