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DC-to-DC Conversion Directly from Automotive Battery Input: 5 A, 3.3 V, and 5 V Supplies Meet Stringent EMI Emission Standards

– Zhongming Ye, System Applications Manager, Power Products, Analog Devices


Noise-sensitive applications in harsh automotive and industrial environments require low noise, high-efficiency buck regulators that can fit into tight spaces. Monolithic buck regulators, which include the MOSFET power switches in the package, are often chosen because of their small overall solution size relative to a traditional controller IC and external MOSFETs. Monolithic regulators that can operate at high frequency—in the 2 MHz territory well above the AM band—also help to reduce the size of external components. Furthermore, if a regulator offers a low minimum on-time (TON), the regulator can directly operate from higher voltage rails without intermediate regulation, saving space and complexity. Low minimum on times require fast switching edges and minimum deadtime control to effectively reduce the switching loss and allow high switching frequency operation.

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