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Relec Unveils Flexible DC UPS Systems

Relec Electronics has released a new CBI series of DC UPS modules from the Adel Systems.

RelecThe CBI series of DC UPS modules from Adel Systems are packed full of features that ensure that batteries are kept in perfect condition but also aid system designers to minimize the number of external components and modules.

The features included in this series included:

Optimized Power Management

The CBI series of DC-UPS units can smart-manage the available power between the load and the battery. Power to the load is always the priority of the unit, therefore it is not necessary to double the power of the system.

Power Boost

Power boost mode allows the load current to be 2x the rated output current for continuous operation and 3x the rated current for 4 seconds. This provides flexibility when powering highly inductive loads like motors and machinery.

Smart Battery Management

The DC-UPS ensures continuous power to the load even when the battery is completely discharged. Multi-stage charging optimizes and adapts to the battery status. The CBI series of DC-UPS can recharge deeply discharged batteries even when their voltage is close to zero, thus allowing recharge and complete recovery of flat batteries.

Time Buffering

The CBI series can set the length of time systems will run after the mains has either failed or been turned off. This can be useful with machines and process control applications that aren’t running 24 hours a day.

Restart Battery without Mains

Most DC UPS systems will not restart until mains power is applied, but the CBI series have an override system available, via RTCONN cable connections, or a pushbutton on the front panel.

Multi-stage Charging Modes

Automatic multi-stage charging and real-time diagnostics allow fast recharge and recovery of deeply discharged batteries, adding value and reliability to the system.

The CBI series constantly poll the batteries to determine their condition in real-time. These guarantee battery reliability in real-time by continuously testing the internal impedance and avoids the risk of damage to the system and provides a reliable and safe connection of the battery.

These tests and corresponding alarms include:

  • Reverse polarity connection
  • Disconnected battery
  • The short circuit battery element
  • Open circuit or sulfated battery.
  • Poor battery connection


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