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DDoS attacks cause huge losses to company’s online resources: Kaspersky Lab


Kaspersky Lab along with B2B international conducted a study and revealed that a DDoS attack on a company’s online resources might cause considerable losses – with average figures ranging from $52,000 to $444,000 depending on the size of the company.

The study highlights that 61% of DDoS victims temporarily lost access to critical business information; 38% of companies were unable to carry out their core business; 33% of respondents reported the loss of business opportunities and contracts. Moreover, 29% of DDoS incidents a successful attack had a negative impact on the company’s credit rating while in 26% of cases it prompted an increase in insurance premiums.

Talking about the DDoS attacks, said Eugene Vigovsky, Head of Kaspersky DDoS Protection, Kaspersky Lab, said, “A successful DDoS attack can damage business-critical services, leading to serious consequences for the company. For example, the recent attacks on Scandinavian banks (in particular, on the Finnish OP Pohjola Group) caused a few days of disruption to online services and also interrupted the processing of bank card transactions, a frequent problem in cases like this. That’s why companies today must consider DDoS protection as an integral part of their overall IT security policy. It’s just as important as protecting against malware, targeted attacks, data leak and the like.”

Kaspersky Lab provides its clients with solutions to fight against the DDoS attacks. The Kaspersky DDoS Protection switches client traffic to Kaspersky Lab cleaning centers for the duration of the attack, filtering malicious traffic so that the client only receives legitimate requests.


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