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Deep Fakes – A World Reality Keeping India on the Edge!

Deep FakesOh, ok! Don’t get surprised if lately you were kept thoughtful by any news which significantly changes the course by showing Big Names including the world leaders reportedly stating something which keeps you mulling about the respective person. That intuition of yours can be incontestable as ‘Deep Fakes’ are becoming a new way to subvert the world order. The global technology market when not bifurcated into IT and Electronics is worth multi-trillion-dollar which is set to grow at a rocketing speed. Few think-tankers state it as the “Love for innovation” other names it “The Magic Show”. As humans for ages have been relying on things that have helped them survive in a newer form – reliability in machines is the new Magic. With the amount of information content pill-popping the modern society, everybody wants to know more about their idols, leading figures, magnetic personalities and clouts. There augments the world of Deep Fakes which is commonly elaborated as fabrication of fake photos, audio recordings, or video footage exactly replicating the facets of the original one.

Niloy Banerjee, Consultant Editor & External Communication, BISinfotech

What are Deep Fakes?

Affluent critic and MIT linguist Noam Chomsky, one of the classic voices of intellectual dissent in the last decades, did elaborate on a list of the ten most common and effective strategies resorted by the “Hidden strategies” to catapult manipulation across the mass using the sources of media. With the help of advanced technology like AI & ML, experts are creating complex yet impactful Deep Fakes by automatic computer graphics synthesizing images and videos. Few define the main ingredient for Deep Fakes is Machine Learning. With the help of a neural network for hours, the real video footage can create not less than a realistic replication from every angle and also help understand facial gestures and even minute movements of the person precisely, yes Precisely!

Changing Viewers Experiences

According to experts of this subject knowledge, movies has been using this for years, for example, the Late Paul walker was relived in Fast & Furious 7 but it took quite a hefty time to create the same scenario and scenes. Bringing Peter Cushing back to life in 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, again this technique uses complex, expensive technologies and processes to make it a reality.

faceToday even a few Apps like the ‘FACE APP’ and many re-mastered apps are amusing users by making them the protagonist in “TITANIC” and leaving in the middle of “JURASSIC PARK”. Politicians and celebrities are the most common ‘victims’ of deep fakes.

Many of the most convincing deep fake examples have been produced using impersonators capable of mimicking the source’s voice and gestures, as seen in this warning produced by BuzzFeed and comedian Jordan Peele using After Effects CC and FakeApp.

ObamaThey pasted Peele’s mouth over Obama’s, replaced the former president’s jawline with one that followed Peele’s mouth movements, then used FakeApp to refine the footage through more than 50 hours of automatic processing.

Deep-Learning Algorithms – Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Many known sources define that GANs will be inking the future potential of Deep Fakes. Though, it is contradictory to many with complex technologies evolving at a quantum rate. It is known that GAN-generated faces and visuals are nearly close to impossible to identify from the real one. GANs are known to be difficult to apprehend as it requires a huge number of trained data, hence making the simulation of the image and creating the model a lengthy process. Also, GAN models are good for synthesizing images, but not for making videos. It is difficult perceiving temporal consistency, or keeping the same image aligned from one frame to the next.

Deep Fakes in India – From Bollywood Stars to Politics

BollywoodA leading political personality from the Centre ruling Government – Manoj Tiwary addresses in English and in other video in Haryanvi – A North Indian Hindi dialect; just before the legislative assembly elections in Delhi. The report first came out in Vice. It is known that it was the first time Deep Fakes were used by any political party for campaigning purpose.

On the other hand, Indian celebrities fear imitation or using faces is a vital risk at stake where their privacy and career could be hampered. With more virtualization coming into the mainstream it is believed that Deep Fakes can help in meetings where one person needed and not available can be presented. The adult industry has been the most hit industry till now by using Deep Fakes to create pornographies using celebrity faces mainly women.

Therefore, What If? In the coming time, the world and people we love start to clarify that “It wasn’t me, I wasn’t even there”.


Niloy Banerjee

A generic movie-buff, passionate and professional with print journalism, serving editorial verticals on Technical and B2B segments, crude rover and writer on business happenings, spare time playing physical and digital forms of games; a love with philosophy is perennial as trying to archive pebbles from the ocean of literature. Lastly, a connoisseur in making and eating palatable cuisines.

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