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Dell EMC Hosts Dell EMC Forum 2017, Celebrates One Year of Partnership

Dell EMC Forum 2017, the company’s flagship event based on the theme of ‘REALIZE’ Transformation

Dell EMC

Dell EMC hosted its annual flagship event Dell EMC Forum 2017 in Mumbai; one year since Dell merged with EMC to create the largest privately-controlled technology company.

The Dell EMC Forum 2017 hosted several sessions in parallel tracks on the need for organizations to transform and modernize. The event also gave attendees an opportunity to experience the technology of today and tomorrow such as IoT, Block Chain, Augmented Reality, Deep Analytics and Machine Learning.

People and Planet – Over the last year Dell EMC remained fully committed to its people, communities, and the planet.  India team members contributed over 1,05,000 hours of volunteer time engaging with 1,175 non-profits working in the areas such as education, environment sustainability, women empowerment and people with disabilities . Through their volunteering efforts, the team raised over INR 2.5 crores which was used to distribute school kits, sponsor education for deserving girls and install drinking water filters in government schools.

Chitale Dairy in Bhilawadi, India, is a shining example of a digital transformation journey with Dell EMC. Chitale sells nearly 60 million liters (16 million gallons) of milk annually from its dairy farm and small surrounding farms. Dell EMC worked with Chitale to create a Dell IoT solution to help keep livestock healthy and producing at a 10x higher yield through big data analytics, automated farmer to-do lists and computerized breeding management. Local farmers noted that this digital transformation allowed them to receive messages on cows’ pregnancies, vaccinations and changes to their diet – key drivers of their constant growth and overall profits.

Accelya Kale: A Thane-based airline solution provider company, benefitted from the bandwagon of solutions provided by Dell EMC. By adopting Server Virtualization services, Accelya lowered its TCOs and by using PowerEdge servers, they reduced their licence and rack costs.

KPIT: Pune-headquartered technology solutions provider company KPIT, banked on Dell EMC solutions portfolio to develop its Information Technology infrastructure, which has over the time, helped them foster innovation as well as have better control over their technology support system. They have been a long term partner with Dell EMC deploying the entire suite of solutions including Flash, Isilon, Convergenced/Hyper Converged Infrastructure etc.

NxtGen – An India-based cloud services provider drove growth at home and abroad while cutting order lead times in half and saving millions of dollars on office expansion with the help of Dell OEM Solutions.

A vibrant startup ecosystem, keen government focus on digitally transforming India and a tech-enabled consumer base, has made India as the most digitally mature country in the world, according to a Dell Technologies survey conducted last year. Indian enterprises have sensed the urgency to transform digitally. While transformation is not pervasive, it is critical for organizations to follow the leaders and adopt practices that can enable them to ride the wave of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Infrastructure modernization – The Indian ecosystem is rapidly evolving with organizations realizing the need to modernize their infrastructure as emerging technologies and applications drive current and future value for their businesses. With our end to end capability and offerings, we can enable them to transform cost efficiently by simplifying their architecture for optimized performance and management.

Emerging technology and security – Dell EMC continues to prepare customers for 10 to 15 years from now (2030) when every organization will be in the IT business. While setting the transformation agenda for enterprises, security remains a key aspect of modern infrastructure environments. Data protection and cybersecurity will assume further significance in all conversations with customers. In India, Dell EMC expects most organizations would have digitized and modernized their dev ops and analytical tools by 2030 with more applications on IoT and Artificial Intelligence platforms.

Entrepreneurship and innovation Entrepreneurship is part of the DNA at Dell EMC and the company is committed to support women entrepreneurs with access to capital, technology, networks and information. Tapping on emerging technologies to drive innovation for women entrepreneurs, Dell EMC recently previewed the World’s First AI-based Virtual Advisor. Alice is a virtual advisor that connects women entrepreneurs in real time with the resources needed to scale based on startup stage, location, industry, revenue and individual needs. The website has a huge potential for Indian women entrepreneurs to engage and learn from their peers.

Rajesh Janey, President & Managing Director, Enterprise Dell EMC, said, “As new digital business models emerge, there is an increased focus on reinventing business to thrive in the digital age. Organizations are now investing in innovation with emerging technologies and the first step towards this innovation is modernization. We are strongly-positioned to guide customers on their digital transformation journey and be a partner in their modernization plans from the edge to core to cloud. As we celebrate Dell EMC’s first year anniversary, we want to thank our customers, partners and stakeholders for their partnership and trust. One of the most exciting things about being privately controlled is our ability to take a long-term view, and invest in the future. In the coming year, Dell EMC will continue with our strategy to deliver results for our customers, partners, company and team members.”

Amit Phadke, Senior Vice President – IT & Managed Services, Accelya Kale,added,“Dell EMC is an IT partner who continuously innovates and understands the customer specific requirements. It is their ability to provide superior quality 24/7 support and services which gives confidence to its customer running mission critical services using Dell technology solutions. In today’s digital transformation era, Dell EMC is the right partner who has capability to provide with solutions that deliver the safest, fastest, and smartest ways to do business”


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