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Dell offers connected security portfolio for enterprises: Amit Singh

Dell offers connected security portfolio for enterprisesIn a conversation with Amit Singh, Country Manager, Dell SonicWALL, He talks about the role played by Dell in the enterprise security segment and importance of security solutions for the enterprises.

Q.  How much important is enterprise security according to Dell?

Enterprise security is of extreme importance to most of the organisations nowadays, because gone are the days when we were dealing with individual computer or personal networks. Most of the businesses today use internet-based applications or are based on multiple networks. So, having security at the perimeter or the datacenter is of utmost importance. The company can also face data loss and financial loss in terms of intellectual property or the data leakage, this all can happen if you do not pay attention to the enterprise security.

Q.  How much focused Dell is on this segment?

Dell is very much focused; we have a business unit within the organisation called as Dell Software group. And the security is one of the fundamental pillars of this software group. Along with this the company has also done multiple acquisitions to make this segment stronger. For instance, in 2011 we acquired a company called Secure Work, which covers areas like managing security and dealing with threat intelligence. Then in 2012, SonicWall was acquired, which is into the next generation firewalls and along with this, in the same year we also acquired Quest Software through which we get identity and access management software portfolio. And in the last quarter of the same year we acquired a company called Credent, which is into data management and protection. We provide various segments of security ranging from the office to cloud end point security.

Q.  What all products does Dell offer for enterprise security segment?

We have a full comprehensive security product portfolio. Most importantly we have the next generation firewalls, VPN security, email security solutions, identity and access management solutions these are the primary key offerings from Dell. These products are the essential and important part of the enterprise security portfolio from Dell.

Q.  Which has been your best-selling security solution?

The worldwide consumption is of the next generation firewalls. Along with this the unified threat protection solution which we provide are highest in terms of the revenue worldwide. However, the other solutions are also highly successful but, they address different kinds of security challenges. So, you would require the next generation firewall as well as email security in an environment. You can just not deploy only one of them and can be adequately secured. So, next-generation firewall is the answer, which is the highest revenue grosser for us in terms of the security portfolio.

Q.  What difference do you see in the Indian market and the other Asian markets as far as enterprise security is concerned? Are Indian enterprises focusing enough towards enterprise security?

I would say all the Indian companies are quite aware of the security needs and requirements. In fact as per the global security survey done by Dell, we came to know that many of the Indian enterprises are concerned about their safety and are looking out for investments within the security framework. If you compare it with the rest of the regions then, they are slightly more advanced markets that have better-managed security and threat intelligence solutions. They also stress a lot on identity management and privilege management, which is currently not that high in India. So, as far as next-generation firewalls, VPNs or securing emails is concerned they are very much understood and adopted in India. Moreover, the next level security like how do you manage the identity and how do you control stricter compliance rules are slightly more taken care of in the places like Japan and Australia. As we do not have very strict compliance policies in India, so we are yet to witness this security trend here.

Q.  What solutions does Dell offer to combat online threat?

In online threat also one would require various technologies, including a robust next generation firewall. The online threat can come from different places it can be targeted towards an application, and it can also be an encrypted attack. So, if we have a proper security deployed as well as it has to be audited now and then because new and new application keeps getting added. So, we offer the organisation with comprehensive, connected security setup and we advise them to conduct regular audits for checking the well-being of their security environments.

Q.  Tell us about your offering the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800?

The Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 is our top end offering for the next generation firewall segment. It has been specially designed to tackle heavy loads of operations. It recently gained a lot of popularity because it has received the recommended rating from the NSS Labs. So, they tested our solution, and it delivered close to 98 percent of block rate, in terms of preventing the threats that were part of the test. It is the top end appliance in our next generation firewall portfolio and delivers some of the best industry results in high-level testing.

Q.  What is Dell doing to protect the network connectivity in the IT sector?

You would require proper security solutions as the threat would not differentiate between the various service segments. As long as you are using the network or are connected to it, there will be malicious files or other threats that can enter into the network. Today the threat can come from the outside world and as well as from inside the network. So, in order to get protection from all various types of risks, we advise you to deploy next-generation firewalls. As all the sectors have some IP or data to prevent as if it lands up into wrong hands, it will not only lead to reputation loss, but will also cause financial loss to the company.

Q.  How is Dell better than its counterparts in the enterprise security market?

In comparison to our counterparts, we have taken an important step when it comes to defining security. Earlier, organisations used to have standalone security solutions later on they opted for unified threat management solutions as it was difficult for the network administrators to see the security instalment from different controls. Now, also if you have the next generation firewall, still you will have to install different solution for identity management or end-point device management or a different solution for encryption. So, in this case Dell offers something called as connected security. On the other hand, most of our competitors either have network security portfolio, or they may be having the data and endpoint security solution. But, Dell provides the customers with a comprehensive portfolio of all the multiple security solutions. That is why; we believe that we are always ahead of our competitors, who have only standalone security solutions. Moreover, we are the leaders in most of the security solutions mainly in the next generation firewalls.

Q.  What challenges do you face when it comes to designing the perfect enterprise security solution?

The usual problem is the legacy of the older generation of firewalls that the people are still using. The second challenge comes with the awareness as well as the need for training. Most of the SMBs are aware of the use and importance of firewall solutions but still more awareness has to be created. Moreover, the Indian SMBs should also be informed about the various kinds of threats and the places from where a potential threat can occur. With the coming of new concepts like BYOD and Internet of Things new challenges and threats come up, so enterprises have to inform about the same. The third challenge is to explain the customers that the segment of enterprise security is very dynamic, and new changes occur in it in every month. So, it is their responsibility to assess and re-assess their security environment in every six months. For instance, the customers believe that if they have deployed an absolute security solution then it must protect them for next 2 to 3 years, which is not possible in this changing landscape.

Q.  What are the plans of Dell for the enterprise security segment?

There will be many new releases coming from our side in the time to come. Recently, only we launched a new product called SuperMassive 9800. This is designed to bridge the gap in between the SMB and enterprise it offers great configuration and is affordable as well. We will also be updating some of our appliances with the new versions. Along with this we will also be working more in the area of connected security and more connected security solutions will be coming from our side


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