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Dell released the latest version of Dell InTrust 11.0


Dell has announced that latest release of Dell InTrust 11.0, the IT data analytics solutions. The solution is designed to provide the organisations to search and analyze vast amounts of IT data in one place, with real-time insights into user activity across security, compliance and operational teams. With Dell InTrust, IT and security teams can thwart hidden security threats and quickly discover suspicious event trends and anomalies through dynamic breadcrumb investigations into users, groups, files, and events that might otherwise be overlooked and result in possible data breaches.

Speaking about the solution, Murli Mohan, Director & General Manager, Dell Software Group, said, “Security has always been a key component of every company’s business operation. It is highly important for organizations to keep a track of user and administrator’s activity from data security point of view that might get difficult as it demands raking through massive amount of incongruent data across multiple systems throughout the enterprise. With Dell InTrust 11.0, information security silos will be completely removed, and the IT team will have a clearer view and information about the user’s history and usage of available data. This new solution will help organizations keep their data safe against any internal threat that may harm company’s assets.”

The solution is capable of eliminating security silos and provides the ‘connectedness’ that enables IT to quickly investigate the relationships between users and the resources they access. Along with this, the administrators can troubleshoot widespread issues in the event of an incident; security officers can fully conduct security investigations regardless of where data resides or how it is formatted; and compliance officers can easily produce reports validating compliance across multiple systems.

The other benefits of solution include operational visibility, improved security investigations, proactive detection of internal threats, and support for compliance regulations, reduced storage costs, integration with Dell SecureWorks and IAM security solutions.


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