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Dell’s ‘PC for Education’ Initiative Completes One Year

With the vision to overcome inhibitions around adoption of PCs by non-users, Dell extends program to deepen engagement with teacher-student-parent trio


Dell India announced the successful completion of its pan India‘PC for Education’ initiative – Dell Aarambh.

In a survey which was conducted by Dell India in 2015 had revealed that emerging India will contribute to the next wave of PC adoption, and that India sees the PC as an important tool for content creation.

In 2016, ‘Dell Aarambh’ was launched with an aim to increase the PC adoption in the country, by establishing it as an indispensable tool for learning, harnessing creativity and building critical thinking, in a student’s formative years.

Through Dell Aarambh, Dell has been engaging with 3 key audiences – students, teachers and parents – in a series of activities meant to familiarize them with PC usage and utilization of computing skills in the education of a child.

Having conducted digital literacy trainings for the effective use of a personal computer in teaching with over 70,000 teachers in over 4000 schools across 79 tier 2- tier 4 cities in the country, Dell has witnessed an encouraging response from the educator community to the use interactive methods of learning delivered through the use of a PC.

According to P. Krishnakumar, Vice President & General Manager, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India said, “The PC is critical to India; to a Digital India. PCs as a category continues to be dynamic as India presents the potential of million families and individuals, who are yet to visualize the utility of a PC. When we launched Aarambh, our goal then was to enable the reimagining of the personal computer as a knowledge hub which can enhance learning, augment skills, and serve as a fundamental tool for young Indians. For us, Aarambh was the ‘bridge’ between emerging India’s aspirations and the capability to harness the individual potential of citizens with the help of PC technology, as the nation steadily progresses towards becoming a digital economy. The response from students, teachers, and parents alike across the 75+ Dell Aarambh cities, is a testimony to the value ascribed by them to building digital capability for individuals, in order to fit seamlessly into Digital India. This has given us the confidence to persevere and to continue addressing the need for PC adoption.”

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