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The demand for analytics in India is increasing multifold: Shrikant Navelkar

Shrikant Navelkar

In talks with Shrikant Navelkar, Director, Clover Infotech. He discusses about the adoption of analytics and its demand in the Indian market.

Q.1.You have been with Clover Infotech for more than two decades. Tell us about the evolution of Clover Infotech as an IT services company.

Clover Infotech was founded in 1994 by Javed Tapia. The company established a niche as an IT services firm managing the customer’s production Oracle environment. We believed in providing the market with specialized skills in the areas of database management, availability, security and performance of database at an optimum level.

As the Indian markets evolved, we developed and showcased our skills in managing mission critical databases for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector (BFSI). As we made inroads into BFSI, we saw the opportunity to enhance our services to other technology areas such as Microsoft technologies. This was mostly fueled by customers demand that we offer services in these technologies. Our unique value proposition for our Database services was to structure it as managed services. This helped customers get predictable deliverables without having to depend on specific individuals. Over a period, we have enhanced our customer base with organizations which are leaders in their respective industries and are known brands in the market.

Today, we are a comprehensive IT services provider with services ranging from Application services to Infrastructure management services. We have over 180 customers who span across industry verticals and geographies. We have established key partnerships with Oracle (Platinum partner), Microsoft and SAP. We are ideally placed to enable our customers to leverage the power of information technology to enhance business efficiencies and attain strategic goals.

Q.2.What are the different solutions and services that you offer? What are the areas of focus for the coming year?

Clover Infotech is a comprehensive IT services provider with expertise across multiple technologies such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Open Source.

Over the last two decades, Clover Infotech has proven its expertise in diverse technology areas including technology consulting, enterprise business solutions, business intelligence and analytics services, application development and maintenance services, middleware services, database management services and infrastructure management services.

For this year, Clover Infotech will focus on providing solutions in niche areas such as analytics and governance, risk and compliances (GRC).

Q.3.What difference do you see between the Indian market and the international markets in terms of adoption of Analytics?

If we look at the Indian markets, customers are in various stages of their analytics Life cycle. Some have just built a data warehouse; some have implemented Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting tools. Then, there are some organizations which have realized the power of analytics and are trying to use it to arrive at fact-based decisions.

In my interaction with customers, I have seen that they are demanding outcome based/ result based analytics solutions. However, I believe analytics is a journey which starts with defining what you expect in terms of business results. The second step is to create the required frameworks, algorithms etc. and then arrive at a technology tool.

In India, many of our customers have implemented some BI tool. In my opinion, the move to analytics is marked by the following factors:

  • Passion for data and for analyzing it. (This stems from the belief that all data is useful data)
  • Importance of understanding the scientific process of building algorithms/ mathematical models to enable analysis based on all relevant data as well as aligning it with the business to arrive at informed decisions

I think the adoption of analytics will hinge on how well the Indian markets attune to the above factors. As for the international markets, they are at various stages of maturity with respect to adoption of analytics.

If we take North America as a case in point, it is a matured market for analytics because data sciences culture is in place.  The contribution of the universities in the US to create professionals with expertise in Data Sciences is commendable. The companies in North America are open to aggregating the maximum amount of data (structured and unstructured) and leverage it to arrive at business decisions. The value comes from their liking for all data and realizing the importance of data to make fact-based decisions.

Q.4.What pain points of the customer do you wish to address through your services focused on analytics?

The Indian customers are tech savvy and understand the business well. With respect to analytics, the importance question in the customer’s mind is where to start their analytics journey and will it yield results with respect to the investment. Another roadblock in the adoption of Big Data and Analytics is that it is considered to be expensive.

At Clover Infotech, we wish to help customers solve the dilemma of “where to start” in their analytics journey. We want to be with the customer throughout the journey by empowering to understand the value of data and its importance in fact-based decision making.

We endeavor to be technologically agnostic. We will combine licensed technologies and open source technologies to create “low cost high value” models for Analytics. Through this approach, we wish to demonstrate the fact that adoption of analytics is not always an expensive proposition and the value of using analytics is immense.

Q.5.What do you think is the demand for Analytics services in India? How will Clover Infotech play a role in addressing this?

The demand for analytics in India is increasing multifold. With the proliferation of data due to increase in access points and use of social media, the demand for analytics is unprecedented. With the advancements in data generation and the speed at which data is generated, analytics has become a key factor for organizations to stay competitive, especially in industries such as BFSI, Telecom, Retail and Pharmaceuticals.

At Clover Infotech, we believe in engaging with the customer throughout their analytics journey to ensure that the customer gets optimum return on their analytics investment. We provide our customers with end-to-end services in:

  • Consulting
  • Data Sciences
  • Technology implementation
  • Post implementation support
  • Training for the business users


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