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Digi-Key Electronics Partners with TubeDepot

Digi-Key Electronics has recently announced that it has broadened its product portfolio by signing a North American distribution partnership with TubeDepot.

Digi-Key ElectronicsThe new partnership will provide Digi-Key customers with an “all-in-one” shopping experience that includes vacuum tubes, guitar pickups, strings, and vintage replacement components for antique radio rebuilding. This expansion is part of the DK+ initiative, Digi-Key’s continued growth as a world-class distributor to provide products, services, and solutions for all phases of the technology innovation ecosystem.

“TubeDepot is the premiere supplier of vacuum tubes and analog electronic parts worldwide. We provide comprehensive service for musicians, technicians, repair centers, audiophiles, and consumers of all things analog,” said Joe Austin, General Manager at TubeDepot. “We are pleased to be a new partner in Digi-Key’s DK+ initiative, expanding the digital reach for our analog selection, and offering new products for current Digi-Key customers. TubeDepot and Digi-Key are here to assist your quest for perfect tone and high fidelity.”

As Digi-Key continues to expand its offerings, TubeDepot’s vacuum tubes, antique knobs, replacement potentiometers, and old-style wire for rebuilding vintage electronics will help support our existing customers, as well as a new category of innovators. TubeDepot’s offerings will also help Digi-Key service high performance audio customers in need of reverb and tube amplifier kits.

“Digi-Key is pleased to enter into this new partnership with TubeDepot, and to support engineers and innovators with their vacuum tubes and other musical products and electronics,” said David Stein, vice president, global supplier management at Digi-Key. “As our industry continues to change, we’re seeing a more diverse array of customer needs than ever before. The addition of TubeDepot is an example of Digi-Key continuing to expand our breadth of product offering to our global engineering community, and offering the widest variety of in-stock components and accessories available for immediate shipping.”

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