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Digilent Partners with OEMsecrets to Celebrate its 10 Year Anniversary

To celebrate OEMsecrets’ 10 Year Anniversary this month, the price comparison search engine for electronic parts has partnered with Digilent to give away 2 x Digilent development boards worth over $500 each. Digilent is a leading manufacturer of FPGA development boards and microcontrollers serving students, universities and OEM’s worldwide with technology-based educational design tools.

DigilentThis prize draw is ideal for electrical engineers, hobbyists and students with a passion for technology and engineering. Two winners will receive a Digilent USB104 A7, which is an Artix-7 FPGA development board in PC/104 form factor.

For your chance to win, simply click here. If you also share its page by tagging @oemsecrets #oemsecrets on any social media platform including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you will receive an additional entry into the prize draw! The winners will be announced on July 17th.

The USAB 104 A7 is the first Digilent board to adhere to an industry-standard form factor and brings power and versatility to your PC/104 stackable PC. The board measures 95.89 mm x 90.17 mm and provides the standard mounting holes with standoffs included.

The USB104 A7 features the industrial temperature rated Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A100T. Artix®-7 devices provide the highest performance-per-watt fabric making the USB104 A7 ideal for size, weight, and power (SWaP) constrained projects. I/O is provided with on-board LEDs and push-buttons and three 12-pin Pmod ports. A SYZYGY-compatible Zmod port is available as well, allowing for high-speed signal acquisition and generation. An onboard USB hub and controller conveniently interfaces the USB104 A7 with JTAG, UART and a parallel data interface (DPTI) through a single connection. The DPTI data transfer interface provides host-to-FPGA data transfer and is easily managed with Digilent’s Adept 2 application. This ease of use and high-speed data transfer is especially useful for deployed systems.

OEMsecrets has provided buyers and engineers with a free website to compare distributor prices and inventory for electronic components for 10 years now. Sam Cowley, Founder of added “This giveaway allows us to give something small back to the industry which has supported us over the last decade. We’d like to thank all buyers, engineers and partners, including Digilent for supplying the dev boards, who have helped to shape the site we’re proud to see today”.


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