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With Digital Innovation and Engagement, The IT Arena is Moving Towards a Software-Defined Future

System Integrators Digital Digest with Arrow PC Networks

Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director of Arrow PC Network

Building an IT infrastructure in today’s digital mural is imponderable. Reclining their customers in this challenging environment, Arrow PC Network, a team of dedicated IT Professionals is cutting the mustard in consulting, sourcing and servicing IT infrastructure products. Growing mighty in the Indian IT and System Integrator space, Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director, Arrow PC Network has many success stories revising in the billion-dollar India IT industry. In a candid conversation with Bisinfotech, the tech-honcho diligently explicates the ongoing trends and the secret sauce of Arrow PC Network success in this compelling industry. Edited Excerpts.

1. There is a digital wave and it is taking every organisation into the stream? How you cope up to deliver the right solution to keep your clients upfront amid the on-going transformation?

Business is transforming and digitisation is the key. We keep a close watch on the latest technology trends and do events, seminars and webinars in order to keep our customers’ up-to-date.

Arrow PC Network offerings are adaptive to client needs and bring distinctive value across diverse technology catering effective, adaptive and perfective solution along with consultancy services and maintenance. We understand the business needs of our customers and have expertise in designing and deploying the relevant IT solutions.

Our professional team is well trained and understand the key development areas in depth. We are known for our attention to detail. We help organisations to integrate business processes and IT systems to make the process more adept, which largely improves efficiency of the organization. Additionally, we assist organizations design, develop and deliver cost-effective technology-enabled solutions that allow clients to achieve high efficiency and performance.

2. What are the key trends you think is shaping the IT industry and how decisively is Arrow PC Network aligning with these trends?

  •  Digital Workspace

We are in the 21st century, the era of digitization, digitalization, SMAC, IoT, and what not. Parallelly, it is also the era of smart hackers, polymorphic threats, unique malware variants and malicious attacks. They are rising at a catastrophic rate, but it shouldn’t stop India achieving full digital transformation securely and confidently. Consider the recent biggest cyber-incidents, Shadow Brokers, WannaCry, Petya, Wikileaks CIA Vault 7 etc. Things have changed, and so has the threat landscape. Today, businesses must adequately equip to handle any type of cyber-attack.

Working on the same lines, we are training our team and acquiring new talent to be trained around these technologies.  This year we are solemnly focussing on security and backup solutions.

  •  Software-Defined Everything

With digital innovation and engagement, the IT arena is moving towards a software-defined future. But, to get a complete alignment across all aspects of the software-defined data centre, storage or networking, it is going to take a while to mature.

Basically, companies are heading towards software-defined everything as the benefits are compelling. The main characteristics of software-defined include greater automation, faster provisioning of IT resources, decreased hardware costs, faster implementation, and more efficient use of storage, networking and computing.

  • Data-Driven Business

Technology will reign as a business enabler for distributors/SIs of all sizes. In the coming years, more and more distributors will realize the importance of data-driven business decisions. I strongly believe that the number of SI investing in new and latest technology is going to increase.

3. What is the key role of System Integrators (SI) in today’s digital era and how technology has changed the market for System Integrators?

Digital transformation, Big Data, Analytics, IoT and SMAC are changing the way businesses operate.  Now, next generation System Integrators have also transformed and think beyond trading and generating revenue and have become services integrator and consultant. They even implement the solution and provide post deployment support as well. They have altogether a new way of dealing with end customers.

Being an SI, today, our offerings are more adapted to client needs and bring distinctive value across diverse technology catering effective, adaptive and perfective solution along with consultancy services and maintenance, in turn, helping customers’ to reach their goals.

4. Company’s Go-to market strategy in India and how you plan to be the last-mile company for your customers?

Since our inception, we have come a long way in a short time frame. Starting with IT solution distribution, we have transformed to IT specialist & consultant for our customer base. Today, we educate and advice our customers for IT solution according to their business needs. We are known for our services and reliability. We will be working towards adding more and more clients in our customer base and spreading footprints across geography. In the coming months, our strategy will be around seizing new business opportunities and tap untapped zones and verticals in India.

 5. Any recent achievements which you would like to highlight?

  •  We have strong footprint almost in each vertical

With a strong understanding of the competitive  Indian IT market dynamics, Arrow has successfully implemented several large projects across verticals namely, IT, BFSI, Health &Pharma, Lifestyle, Retails, Telecom & Manufacturing. In the past, we have deployed high end projects at various locations in India, which includes even the remotest parts of rural India.

  • Third-Party recognition is a testimony of our capabilities

We have garnered much vaunted recognition from the industry in terms of the acceptance and feedback of our clients. Moreover, we have been recognised by leading forums and entities for our end-to-end service. These esteemed third party recognitions are acknowledgement of our work and potential to deliver products, solutions and services that address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We bring it all together—technical expertise, implementation, monitoring & maintenance— giving “World Class” customer experience.

6. What are the bottlenecks in technological advances in India? What are the underlying problems and how can we address them?

We are well aware that the businesses are moving towards digital. Bit, the Digital India wave has yet to create a significant impact on the IT industry, as most of these initiatives are in the initial phases. It will take a few more years to mature. Meanwhile, creating digital awareness and accessibility will definitely have a positive impact on the future workforce.

I believe the digitisation will grow with the bandwidth availability and adherence. Trained manpower is a big issue considering rapid changes in business environments. We at Arrow PC Network are putting best efforts along with OEMs to provide training on the latest solutions to fulfil customers’ demands.

7. After two major steps (DeMo& GST), in what shape IT industry is reeling? How optimistic are you and has it any critical impact on businesses?

DeMo& GST will have a long term positive impact on the industry. And, businesses will need IT to succeed in their respective areas and stay competitive in the market.  Arrow being IT specialist will definitely play a crucial role in their growth by providing the latest solutions aligned with new technologies.

8. Any key announcements in this fiscal year and what are your future plans?

We have big plans with our OEM partners and we are aggressively looking at top & bottom line growth. We shall be focussing on projects where we are able to add value to our customer’s business and earn his trust.

Our focus is on key technology trends like Data Centre, Networking, Hyper Converged, Virtualisation, Data backup & Security, Mobility, Analytics and IOT. We are spreading PAN India and servicing our customers at remotest locations also. We wish to excel with growing verticals like E commerce, IT/ITES, Retail and Healthcare with strength in designing and deploying their IT infrastructure.


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