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Dimension Data introduces Data Centre Maturity Tool

Dimension Data introduces Data Centre Maturity ToolEvery client we speak to, is looking for ways to transform their data centres to become more responsive to business needs, said Steve Joubert, Group Executive for Data Centres at Dimension Data.

With this thought in mind, Dimension Data an ICT services and solutions provider has launched a maturity tool to help organizations evaluate their capabilities and prioritise initiatives for building next-generation data centres.

The Data Centre Development Model is perfect for organizations that are looking to understand the requirements of building a future-state Data Centre.

The data centre continues its steady evolution from a mega facility, filled with disparate technologies that are difficult to integrate, maintain, and manage, into a more agile business response centre, the website notes. The Data Centre Development Model was created off the back of strong demand from clients seeking guidance and actionable plans to make their data centres more responsive, flexible and agile.

The Model scrutinizes 11 critical domains in the data centre tracking their ‘as-is’ state and ‘to-be’ state. The result of the workshop-style engagement is a roadmap that offers practical implementation recommendations for the next-gen Data Centre. These recommendations include recognizing infrastructure gaps and determining the most resourceful operating model for the Data Centre, inclusive of management and operations.

According to Steve Joubert, global competitive pressures brought on by social, mobile, analytics and cloud have had a terrific impact on data centres to convert and remain significant.

Steve further states that Dimension Data has previously helped many organizations using its Data Centre Development Model with exceptional results. “We helped one organisation build a virtual data centre, which delivered a 30% reduction in real estate through consolidation and data centre design. Another client saw new resources deliver services 75% faster to its end-users leveraging network extensions to cloud resources.”



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