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dinCloud propels into action dinStorage S3 solution


dinCloud, a cloud service source propelled into action dinStorage S3, a cloud storage solution with no data transfer fees, functional by means of S3 compatible applications.

Through the use of dinCloud’s dinManage platform, clienteles can now create and start using S3 accounts, managing their dedicated storage although using their S3 clients together with Veeam, followed by Symantec, NetBackup, CA ARCserve, CommVault, and Cyberduck, amongst a host of others.

dinStorage S3 from its end encrypts all data with AES256bit keys and continuously stores three copies of data. Furthermore, dinCloud does not charge data transfer fees and offers private connectivity via carriers with MPLS. End users receive unlimited storage capacity and are charged on a per GB, per month basis with no complicated upload or for that matter download fees. dinCloud also offers different connectivity options to fit a customer’s budget via dinTransport.

Mike Chase, CTO at dinCloud, alleged that: “The S3 protocol is used by hundreds of applications worldwide for backup, cloud gateway servers, as well as cloud drives, like Dropbox, which are built on top of S3. But, as widely adopted as S3 has become, it’s had a few drawbacks, including low performance over the Internet for large datasets, unencrypted disks, and heavy transfer fees for restores.”

“For these reasons, it was very hard for customers to predict what their costs would be prior to getting a real eye opening bill, even with cost calculators. That’s why we created dinStorage S3 – it provides economical storage, wide application compatibility, and unlimited bandwidth usage. Our storage backup without limits makes it the most cost effective S3 solution on the market today,” he supplemented.

Aspects of dinStorage S3 takes account of, viz:

  • Create multiple S3 storage accounts.
  • Assign friendly account labels
  • Reset S3 credentials using secure mechanism
  • Delete S3 storage account including data on the storage
  • Configure per GB pricing of storage through admin interface
  • Supports both net terms in addition to credit card users
  • Security measures to shield users’ credentials
  • Auto calculation of billing on hourly basis through a separate dinManage daemon
  • Confirmation emails meant for all actions
  • Compatibility braced with other free and paid S3 storage clients

dinStorage S3 is available at a per GB price, which can go $.15 per month.


Jawed Akhtar

A Journalist by interest and a Music Enthusiast by passion. Wedded to Mother Nature, Jawed indulges his aesthetics in travelling and reading books of varied genres. Having covered News stories for top Dailies in his formative years, that is, he is game for tryst with Technology at Techmagnifier.

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