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Diodes Incorporated Reveals Single-Stage, High Power Factor LED Driver-Controller

Diodes Incorporated presents the AL1665 single-stage, fly-back and buck-boost controller for commercial, connected, and dimmable LED lighting installations operating at up to 100W.

Diodes AL1665

The device is designed to drive an external MOSFET to control LED loads and maintain a high power factor. It provides a compact and efficient solution that helps minimize the use of additional components and maintains high switching efficiency.

The Key Features of the AL1665 from Diodes Incorporated include:

  • Primary Side Regulation without Opto-Coupler
  • Valley Switching for Low Switching Loss
  • Low Start-Up Current
  • Support Analog and PWM Dimming
  • Analog Dimming Range: 5% to 100%
  • PWM Dimming Range: 0.5% to 100% (1k PWM Frequency)
  • Internal Protections
  • Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)
  • Output Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • Output Short Protection (OSP)
  • Over Current Protection (OCP)
  • CS Short Protection
  • Winding Short Circuit Protection
  • Secondary Diode Short Protection
  • Shorted Current Sense Protection
  • User Programmable NTC Based Thermal Foldback
  • Internal Thermal Fold-Back Protection (TFP)
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
  • Low System Cost
  • High PF>0.9 and Low THD<20%
  • High Efficiency
  • Tight LED Current Variation Range
  • LED Current Line Regulation: ±2%
  • LED Current Load Regulation: ±2% Full Load to Half Load
  • Tight Output Open Voltage Variation Range
  • Package: SO-8 (Standard)

The Main Applications include:

    • General LED Lighting Driver with Dimming Function
    • General Purpose Constant Current Source
    • LED Backlighting Driver
    • Smart LED Lighting

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