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This Biotech Startup Is Promoting Smart and Sustainable Hygiene

In the hygiene and cleaning industry - sustainability is catching up big time.

Dr.-Rachna-DaveEstablished in 2016, MicroGO is focused on providing smart, assured, and sustainable hygiene solutions to curtail virus-led infections through R&D-based manufacturing. Headquartered in Chennai, the company began its journey of innovation in 2016, piloting its technologies with anchor customers in 2020, and product commercialization in 2022.  With 35+ team members, their product range includes automated hand-hygiene compliance solutions, raw water treatment, wastewater treatment, surface cleaners, and fruits and vegetable treatment. MicroGO assists industries to reduce hand hygiene expenses by 60%, saves water consumption by 50% and uses smart solutions to maintain compliance and remotely monitor the hygiene ecosystem. During an interaction with Nitisha; Dr. Rachna Dave, CEO, and Founder, MicroGO highlights smart and sustainable hygiene.

Kindly explain MicroGO and its special offerings.

MicroGO® was established in 2016 by Dr Rachna Dave, an ex-scientist of India’s premier institution Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Located in Chennai, India with a team of 35, we are constituted of multi- disciplinary scientists, engineers, product application specialists, sales, and customer care team. It is well supported by many premier agencies like DBT-BIRAC, DST, IKP-Hyd, TANSIM and international agencies such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. MicroGO® is a Pioneer in Smart and Sustainable Hygiene and infection control solutions provider. At MicroGO®, we listen to our clients keenly and then use our mix of material science, engineering, microbiology and biotechnology skills to provide solutions. Our proprietary products not only provide safer means but also save valuable resources in the present and for the future. Our focus area remains the food/hospitality and healthcare industry.

How does MicroGO differentiate itself from other space cleaning and hygiene industry?

We use materials science, electronics engineering, and IoT-like technologies to provide anti- microbial solutions to our customers that not only provide assured science but are technology enabled to ensure accountability and provide both environmental and business sustainability.

Post pandemic how hygiene industry has picked up and is getting a valuable space in the Indian market?

Hygiene space led by disinfectant and sanitizers picked up during the pandemic. While the market is still strong, it is also getting diluted on a daily basis and people are getting tired and complacent. For MicroGO, right from the inception our focus has been on the industries wherein, hygiene and infection control practices create a value i.e., food industry and healthcare. Good hygiene practices in both these industries help hitting the bottom line and maintain the brand value.

Kindly elaborate Smart, assured, and sustainable hygiene.

Smart – The client is able to monitor and measure results in real-time. This helps by providing :

  • Real-time visibility on performance
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Better analytics
  • Real-time feedback
  • Increased productivity

Assured – Solutions delivered by MicroGO are driven by accuracy and proven

scientifically. It is in compliance with the industry regulations and safety standards prescribed by regulatory bodies Food handlers like FSSAI

Sustainability – At MicroGO we take Sustainability very seriously. Our products are not just environment friendly but are business friendly too. They ensure:

  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Environmental sustainability and reduction in carbon footprint

We have recently added another S as in “Service” – Sale second, Service first is our Motto. We are aiming to be known for great products, but greater service.

Which industry do you cater the most to and what agenda you are taking for the coming years?

We focus mainly on the food and hospitality and healthcare industry wherein hygiene and infection practices impact businesses, brand and lives. These industries are more cognizant about compliance and are always in need of better and efficient means to ensure that compliance is not only met but are sustainable and they ensure accountability. We are actively working towards helping our customers achieve more sustainable development goals (SDGs) via our solutions by means of “humble” hygiene or microswachta and join our nation`s vision to achieve the UN`s SDGs by 2030.

Is there any new development or collaboration you are planning? Kindly share.

We are currently working on post-harvest management of perishable fruits and vegetables which is a part of a long- term goal at MicroGO.

Kindly highlight the emerging trends in the hygiene and cleaning industry.

In the hygiene and cleaning industry – sustainability is catching up big time. End-users and businesses are both looking for solutions that are eco-friendly right from sourcing the raw material to the products. Industry is looking towards green chemistry that causes minimal environmental damage as well as is not harmful to the staff. Operational sustainability is always welcomed by any industry including the hygiene and cleaning industry.


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