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BIS TECHNOVATORS | Aims to Improve Contact Centers by Adopting AI

technovator (1)Founded in 2017 by an IITian couple – Manish and Rashi Gupta, is powered by Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Predictive Intelligence, and other proprietary algorithms. With, businesses can look at strengthening their contact center capabilities and scaling without worries about customer experience (CX). While an exclusive interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Dr. Rashi Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, explains how utilising AI-ML to make contact less experiences more suitable.

Kindly explain and its special offerings. is India’s fastest evolving AI-powered contact center transforming businesses with its turnkey services for quick scalability and better economics. enables automated interactions across multiple channels – email, chat, voice, and social and supports 100+ languages. The platform also helps analyze customer–agent interactions, coach and train agents and enhance the customer experience with in-built RPA.

With a strong presence in India and expansion plans for the US and the Middle East, is moving ahead with high vigor to empower businesses across the globe with its AI-powered contact center. Backed by a team of world-class Ph.Ds, data scientists, engineers, and futuristic technology experts, the company is delivering business success to hundreds of companies across industries such as Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare, Automobile, Education, and Travel.

What will be your next project and how will it be impactful for the industry people?

We are focusing on the CX space which is very large and unexplored by many. There are multiple ways in which an AI-powered contact center can transform CX – the most critical business function in today’s time. It refers to the engagement of the brand with its customers during the entire journey of their buying right from marketing to customer service. Every customer wants to feel important and welcomed which can be possible by engaging with them and assisting them consistently.

The brand’s reputation is built on the basis of the perception and impression of the brand over the customer, allowing them to retain and acquire more customers.

In an era of contact-less experiences with the rising adoption of digital solutions, can enhance CX in an effortless manner. It enables brands to provide high-quality service, support, and guidance to their customers as they interact with the brand across the channels of their choice, creating a win-win solution for both brands and their customers.

How the business was during the last year and what will be your future plans?

COVID-19 has had an inevitable impact on all businesses. Fortunately, we were amongst the set of businesses who saw huge adoption and demand of our solutions industry-wide. In the last one year, many enterprises have realized that technology adoption is the way forward. Something that was at the back burners suddenly came to the forefront and enterprises latched on to automation and digital transformation to ensure business continuity.

At the cusp of technological revolution, businesses started looking at ways to retain and gain customers by providing them a seamless experience even remotely. More and more businesses started to realise the need for transforming their traditional contact center operations. This is where we saw a huge traction coming in especially from industries such as Healthcare, BFSI, and logistics. We are on an upward growth trajectory, and the future looks even more promising.

Is there any latest project you are working on? Explain. is actively working on automating all the tasks that happen at a manual contact center. We are planning to automate every source of communication that includes text, voice, image, and even documents. We aim to equip businesses with a complete suite of options available for them to choose from as per their dynamic needs

With, companies can automate tasks that are time-consuming, repetitive, and have higher chances of errors. Human resources are precious and can be wisely used with increased accuracy if we automate monotonous and repetitive tasks.

How does define itself differently from other AI companies? enables companies to perform all tasks of a traditional contact center but significantly reduce the resolution time, and provide enhanced CX at a reduced cost.

Multichannel automation is something that is not provided by many AI companies., on the other hand, automates interactions across all channels like Voice, Social Media, Chat, and Email. This makes the interaction fast, easy, scalable, and error-free.

Deep Learning combined with Natural Language Technology enables the user to analyze every call, churn signals, compliance gaps, and adherence gaps. It also scores the agents by scoring every interaction that the agent had.

With this analysis, also highlights the improvement areas and leaves personalized coaching tips for each agent. This in turn boosts the transparency and morale of the agents.

The inbuilt RPA Bots enhance customer experience with faster turnaround time. allows enterprises to augment and improve their contact centers without the need for deep AI expertise. Its powerful engines ingest historical conversational data and prepare a model that will imitate the behavior of the best agent and acts as a virtual agent for the enterprise

Challenges and scopes in this industry?

With more and more development and research in this technology, the scope in this industry is widening. The precision and timing that an AI solution offers are something that is desired by all industries. It is bridging the gap between customer expectations and what they are receiving. With an influx in the queries, it gets difficult for the contact centers to respond within the given timeframe with the right answers. This widens the scope of AI in the industry, it reduces the time of response and manpower requirements. Customer experience is the topmost concern of every brand. Providing an unsatisfactory customer experience can turn into a loss of customers for the brand. Traditional call centers cannot provide that experience alone which leads to the adoption of conversational AI.

It boosts the agent productivity, improves customer experience as well as agent experience and reduces attrition, and also supports sales & marketing.

Kindly explain the scope of AI and ML contact centers?

Powerful technologies like Artificial Intelligence are increasingly being leveraged to other mediums such as Voice. AI, ML and voice are just starting to stick together leading to some major fundamental changes. They are continuously evolving and supporting each other. The technology is rapidly developing creating a fine line between human and AI interaction at the other end. With the post-call analysis of the call by AI, even the minute details can be corrected and improvised.

The power AI and ML hold in evaluating the emotions of the customer like anger, frustration, satisfaction, etc. make it more than a conversing AI. The responses can be tailored as per the customer’s emotions. Organizations are now gradually learning to integrate technologies more efficiently and effectively. With Natural Language Processing, a human can now talk to a machine. The software also understands multiple languages making it easier for us to communicate with a machine.

As a result, the scope of AI and ML centers is reaching its tipping point. We might attain a position where humans are not even required at the contact centers.


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