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Dragonfly Data Factory to setup cloud data factory in India

Dragonfly Data Factory

Dragonfly Data Factory, the dealer of enterprise cloud and data infrastructures has launched a software defined cloud data facility in the country. The company claims it to be the first ever agnostic software defined data factory.  It is a US based company and will be setting up the facility in Vishakhapatnam.

Commenting about the launch, Ram Pothula CEO of the company said, “Companies in every market today, including giants GE, Boeing, Ford and Intel are undergoing transformations from their roots as manufacturing companies to become analytics companies. We have an unprecedented opportunity to pilot the next wave of global business in data mining, crunching and monetization.”

In the coming years the company will also be entering into partnership with various technology vendors, systems integrators and service providers globally to expand its software-development centers and Virtual-Factory Operations in India and the US. The company plans to have centres in Singapore, Australia, Germany and Japan and has drawn up aggressive plans for hiring. The headcount, which stands at 60+ now, will be 364 by the end of 2015 and 2,700 by end of 2016.

The company will hire majority of data scientists from Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam locations, which will serve as the main development centres. The Data Factory builds products designed to harness the rapidly accelerating velocity, variety and volume of data generated by sensors and smart devices—the Internet of Things (IOT)—and unite that real-time data processing with batch-oriented processing of data.


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