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Drones in India—Future of Next Gen Technology

IntroSensing the global connection in the last few years, India has started to adopt and develop smart gadgets and devices. With the service sector taking a big chunk of India’s current GDP, many technology-based industries and markets have shown their interest in deploying new innovative technologies in their current sector to further their growth.

One such market that stands out the most in this situation is the Drones Market in India. Once perceived as a toy or a part of a science experiment, drones have shown their potential and usage in numerous sectors. Since marking its footsteps into commercial utilization, drones have helped humans simplify complex tasks and work in extreme conditions without enduring severe costs.

Apart from its deployment in various industries, the capabilities of drones have been vastly broadened with the integration of AI, AR and IoT and the Drones Market in India have started making its presence known in areas like agriculture, disaster management, surveillance, e-commerce and healthcare among the few.

Once used as a part of wedding celebrations in India, Drone usage goes beyond videography. India’s business sector once skeptical of Drones Market in India, have now started embracing drones to increase work efficiency and reduce operational cost.

Looking at the endless opportunities, Drones Market in India has started breaking the mold restricting innovation in few sectors only.

Drone Market Revolution in India

Showing its potential at a global level, India could become one of the countries at the forefront of the upcoming drone revolution. According to a report, the global drone market size is expected to grow at a tremendous rate in the upcoming years. The report’s predictions showed that India is forecasted to become the third-largest drone market in the world by 2025.

Considering the projected growth, Drones Market in India needs to produce drones dedicated to different sectors to create opportunities for local manufacturers. Drones have proven their worth as one of the most promising technologies emerging from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With the boom of the Drones Market in India, several industries are focussing their new projects revolving around the drone’s capabilities. Drone adoption has been taken up a notch since the start of the pandemic and has been observed in sectors like agriculture, mining, rural healthcare as well as military.

But are these the only industries benefitting from drone usage so far? Let’s find out.

Key Sectors Impacting Drones Market in India

India has become one of the top countries in terms of drone imports. The main reason behind this rapid growth in demand is due to the following sectors:

Drones in Security and Surveillance

If you are familiar with Indian cinema and have watched the Indian military action film, Uri: The Surgical Strike, do you recall the Garuda, a robotic eagle UAV that was disguised as a bird and had flown across the border to sneak out information?

Though shown in movies from time to time, drones have been used as a part of security and surveillance for a long time in India. With the advancement in camera resolution and AI, drones have become the product of choice in helping governments and security companies in surveillance of desired targets through their unique capabilities like multiple GPS for redundancy, integrated application software with a geographic map, and real-time video transmission, etc.

Drones equipped with radiometric thermal payload and multispectral cameras have started replacing the CCTV surveillance industry. Drones Market in India is swiftly becoming one of the key industries to ensure on-campus safety.

Drones in Agricultural and Renewable Sector

AgriculturalDrones Market in India has gotten most of the recognition in the industry because of its diversity and is being considered the future for the agrarian community.

Agricultural-based drones enable the farmer to adapt to specific environments and make mindful choices. Data gained from drone surveys can help in regulating crop health, crop treatment, irrigation, and carry out field soil analysis and crop damage assessments. The survey helps in boosting crop yields and minimizes time and expenses.

Also, many renewable sectors are now using drones to inspect and monitor the conditions of their solar and wind farms to reduce unnecessary operational costs.

Drones in Infrastructure and Engineering

Drones Market in India has integrated itself in many sectors due to its unique features of monitoring and the infrastructure sector has not been left behind. Drones are now being used in quarries for topographic surveys and the measurement of reserves and storage volumes. Drones Market in India has integrated itself into the construction sector as well since various companies are now using drones to monitor their ongoing projects.

Drones are also helping governments to create smart cities. Providing useful analytical data related to traffic and crowd management, drones are helping governments in evaluating the conditions of current infrastructure like bridges, solar farms, etc.

Top Drone Start-ups of India

IdeaIdeaForge: As India’s largest manufacturer of drones for defense, homeland security, and industrial applications IdeaForge was founded in 2007 by IIT-Bombay alumni. Its offering includes Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) UAVs in India and has also pioneered in the Drones Market in India.

CronCron Systems: One of the leading providers of sensing products, CRON Systems has helped in integrating drones in automobiles, mapping, and general surveillance. Its offerings include the Kavach series of advanced multi-sensor scanners.

AUSAarav Unmanned Systems: Being the first Indian company to develop professional drone solutions for enterprises, AUS originated from IIT Kanpur in the year 2013. Working with the key players across various verticals, AUS has already become one of the undisputed leaders of commercial drones in India.

Detect-TechnologiesDetect Technologies: Detect Technologies, established in 2016 at the IIT Madras Research Park, was founded to assist process industries in driving digital transformation for developing asset integrity solutions. Its offering includes an intelligent drone for reliable inspection of assets and is the first of its kind truly automated drone.


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