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Keysight’s Scienlab Test Solution Chosen by Dukosi

Keysight Technologies has been chosen by Dukosi Limited, a battery management technology supplier, to support the development of battery management integrated circuits.

KeysightDukosi will be using Keysight’s Scienlab SL1001A Battery Test System to support the development of battery degradation tracking and prediction algorithms, as well as state of charge monitors.

Speaking of the selection, Dukosi’s Chief Technology Officer, Joel Sylvester said “Dukosi is conducting lithium-ion cell degradation studies, which means that experiments need to run safely for many months with minimal intervention. After considering many options, we chose Keysight to deliver a complete cycler and test chamber solution, to the highest safety levels, as one package. The ongoing support has been excellent, and the effective utilization of the system has been much higher than we expected as a result.”

“We are pleased that Dukosi Limited chose to work with Keysight,” said Thomas Goetzl, vice president and General Manager of Keysight’s Automotive & Energy Solutions business unit. “We are looking forward to providing Keysight’s expertise along with our battery test solutions to help advance battery cell technology and contribute to future, more efficient transportation options.”

Dukosi Limited is working with the Battery Advances for Future Transport Applications (BAFTA) project, alongside other parties. The project is focused on developing a framework that delivers optimized performance and system management for next-generation safer, more efficient, battery packs.

To support its work, Dukosi chose Keysight’s Scienlab Battery Test Solution, including the SL1001A Battery Test System – Module Level and Energy Storage Discover (ESD) software.

Keysight’s ESD software enables Dukosi to conduct tests that deliver concrete, stable and reproducible results. The software can monitor the charging behavior of different batteries in various temperature and climate conditions and use-cases in stressed real-life environments.

Keysight’s Scienlab Test Solution enables Dukosi to:

  • Design battery modules with increasing energy/power density.
  • Monitor degradation in different temperature environments.
  • Record several temperatures to investigate the reciprocal electrical and thermal influence of the cells in the modules.


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