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Top Indian Start-ups Spearheading E-Waste Management

e-wasteElectronic manufacturing companies are continuously flooding the market with new gadgets breaking the new growth charts.

Whether we are talking about computers, printers, refrigerators, televisions, or smartphones, one that has become an unattachable part of our body, a major part of these electronic items is getting replaced with their newer and better versions that lead to a sharp drop in their value and they end up as garbage after a few years.

Take your phone for an example.

Have you ever wondered what happened to your discarded mobile and related devices once you resell them or discard them as trash?

They all end up as electronic waste or e-waste that gets transported to large dumpsites having no proper e-waste management.

According to a recent survey, India generates over two million tonnes of e-waste every year out of which imports made from other countries form a major chunk.

e-waste managementSensing the upcoming challenge, the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEFCC) had launched the E-waste Rules in 2016 and made several amendments but due to lack of investment, infrastructure as well as acute lack of consumer awareness, not many results were gained.

Fortunately, several startups and companies have now come forward to help India’s informal sector to collect, process as well as recycle this burgeoning e-waste seamlessly with innovative techniques.

Creating their own space to drive an ecofriendly way of managing e-waste, we have searched for some of the Top E-waste Management Start-ups in India that have mushroomed in every part of the country.

So, without further delay, let’s take a peek at some of the Top E-waste Management Start-ups in India that are molding a new version of modern India.

Top E-waste Management Start-ups in India

Here is the list of some of the Top E-waste Management Start-ups in India that have been recognized for their innovative and eco-friendly efforts to manage the country’s ever-growing e-waste issue.

Namo eWaste

namo ewastePlaced at the top of the list of Top E-waste Management Start-ups in India, Namo eWaste was founded by Akshay Jain in 2014 that works out of Delhi.

Its main task includes collecting disposed e-waste, treating them and recycling them into usable items. The company also offers green alternatives to electronic assessments by furthering policy changes.

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ecocentricSecuring its place at Top E-Waste Management Start-ups in India, EcoCentric is an e-asset management start-up that was founded by Karan Thakkar in 2011.

Firstly, it segregates the waste into glass, plastic, and metals that are followed by processing all the hazardous substances which then get sent for further extraction. The remaining plastic and metal pieces are finally given to the recyclers at the end.

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binbagFounded by Achitra Borgohain in 2014, this emerging start-up works with private enterprises, healthcare organizations, NGOs as well as various government offices to recycle their e-waste that gets generated.

Binbag also offers services like office liquidation in case of location shift or if the company shut down as well as data destruction either by wiping, physical carnage, or through mechanical crushing.

The company has also set up two recycling plants at Hindupur in Andhra Pradesh, and Guwahati in Assam to expand their offerings. Thus, earning its place in the Top E-Waste Management Start-ups in India.

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Karo Sambhav

Karo SambhavKeeping its place under Top E-Waste Management Start-ups in India with a traditionally Hindi name that translates to ‘Make it Happen’, the company sowed its roots in 2017 under the leadership of its founder, Pranshu Singhal.

As part of the Microsoft ScaleUp program, Karo Sambhav is solving e-waste problems with its e-waste solutions and EPR (extended producer responsibility) services.

The start-up has tie-ups with countrywide producers and brands like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and HMD to implement their EPR while also helping in closing their material loop.

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E Incarnation Recycling Private Limited (ERPL)

ERPLEnvisioned and spearheaded by Gaurav Mardia since 2010, ERPL leverages the best available eco-friendly technologies to pacify the hazardous effects of improper treatment and disposal of e-waste thus ensuring the protection of the environment.

Its facility aims to reduce urban environmental degradation while uplifting the income generation capacity of vulnerable urban dwellers by properly reorganizing their E-waste recycling system. Therefore, termed under the Top E-Waste Management Start-ups in India.

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Exigo Recycling

exigoFounded in 2012 by Raman Sharma, Exigo Recycling has set industry benchmarks with its innovative & eco-friendly disposal practices.

Another startup that earns its keep under Top E-Waste Management Start-ups in India, Exigo Recycling collects all types of IT, electronics, electrical, media as well as communications equipment and have been authorized by the State Pollution Boards & Govt. of India to safely Collect, Dismantle, Transport, Segregate & Dispose of their e-waste responsibly.

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