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Ecolohas Models Sustainable Homes Focused on Green Energy Solutions

Seeing the need of the hour, a new trend of conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions has been on the rise worldwide. Grabbing this opportunity, Ecolohas Energy Technology Co., Ltd has been founded in 1998. Ecolohas is a new social enterprise focusing on distinctive green energy solutions in Taiwan.


Ecolohas combines solar power, home energy storage, and concentrated energy storage technologies to build microgrid system to substitute utility power. Ecolohas also introduced the hybrid energy storage system- Wolf ZX to Japan’s market.

“Ecolohas aims to develop and provide self-efficient energy solutions to decrease carbon emission, help resolve climate change challenges and create an ecological, energy-saving and eco-friendly world,” said Kevin Yang, president of Ecolohas.


The company has strong technical teams regarding energy communications and power distribution, and strongly commits to renewable energy combining with power storage system design, planning and construction.


Ecolohas invests many research resources in R&D integration, coordination, and management to build an energy network, distributed energy and smart micro grid architecture, which effectively fulfill the needs of the general public. With these inventions, Ecolohas successfully boosts renewable energy generation and electricity consumption efficiency and reduces the energy demand of large-scale power grids.


Ecolohas’s main products are a smart energy storage system, smart micro grid system, distributed micro grid energy storage system “Battery Ship” and customized design planning for the various energy system. The smart energy storage systems are designed for home, business and the power grid.


It is durable, waterproof and dustproof, and could be applied to various scenarios. With the remote monitoring function, consumers could monitor the renewable energy power generation, power consumption and load power storage data anytime and anywhere.


Also, the smart micro grid system consists of three main elements: renewable energy power generation system, independent small-scale energy storage system, and centralized large-scale energy storage system. Moreover, the system integrates battery and energy management systems providing better quality and improvement on efficiency.


The company has developed a variety of energy storage systems for different applications and collaborated with governments, industries, academics and R&D institutes.


Furthermore, the enterprise has been devoted to multiple post-disaster reconstruction projects such as the reconstruction of the 2009 Typhoon Morakot post solar power community, involved in rescue missions of the 2015 Nepal earthquake and relevant 2016 Typhoon Meranti post-disaster reconstruction projects.


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